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New Year’s Eve and more

   Posted by: Awsumgee

Here I am, skipping a week of posting and now rambling on yet another post about the Holidays! At least, I won’t be the one posting on New Year’s Day. What a relief. New Year’s Day post is just hard on one’s ego. It’s like Christmas Day’s post but you swap names. Whoever will do this, kudos to you (and Happy New Year!). So yeah, December 31st! The day before the Earth, what am I saying, the Universe was born. The day before creation, where we just think “I wonder what it really was like on the real day before the Earth was born, you know… when there was nothing” (add an always tasteful “man!” to that for more thoughtfulness). Was it all black or white, like the blank page they faced when they started creating DW. Maybe Feltash could tell us what it was like before his world came alive, I mean, the blankness and everything. Hmmm… so much to think about on New Year’s Eve. Like baking shortbreads. Yeah! With lots of butter. And whatever else is needed. I don’t know what else is needed. I’ll figure it out before 2011 hopefully. Did I say I was about to ramble when I started this post. Because it makes lots of sense to me. If truth was a 211 words sentence, I just made it. Yup!

The truth is, New Year is about making resolutions, starting anew. I make lots of resolutions. I complete the most important. I made a huge step forward this year. I will make another one next year. But, what really interests us here is our 2011 DW resolutions. It all starts with that question : “How can I make my character stronger?” So here’s the 2011 DW resolution Official cheat list:

1- Get an egg and hatch it.

This is the most sought after objective at the moment. I haven’t started working on it yet and it eats me from the inside. Which monster will not only make me stronger, but cooler. I hope I’ll get the very limited Ferrari Egg…

2- Get a ultra subscription.

This is the real deal. Once you taste it, everything else is tasteless. A couple rocks everyday, auto-heal, an elitist chat color, etc.

3- Find a soulmate.

For all the singles among us, 2011 is the time to find the perfect match-up. What’s even better: finding a soulmate, marrying that person and co-founding a clan. Can it go any cooler?

4- Make more gold.

An obvious choice that’s so obvious it couldn’t make it in the top 3 this year. Underrated, maybe. What will be your way? I’d like to take a personal class with a few experts in every lucrative departments that are available. My bank has been suffering lately.

5- Defeat a major monster.

You are sweating on Jigar Vyran, Trainer Dan or Tobo Dragon? This is your year.

6- Get a promotion in your clan.

You work hard, make friends and have lots of great ideas. Claim your due!

7- Make it to the Wall of Fame.

For the hardcore. Your name is there, you are cream of the crop. Even if you’re the greatest loser, your name is there. People know you. Well, if you’re there for that reason, you could also reset your battles… Up to you!

8- Get a title.

You are well-known, knowledgeable, useful and appreciated? This year, you could become a Helper, maybe more.

9- Win Hi-Lo.

Twice a day, if your timing is good, you get a chance to participate in that exciting game. You can win big. But whatever you win, nobody can take away from you the sweet numbers beside your name in chat.

10- Improve your ven record.

This one is last on the list, but not least. You want to raise your percentage? Reach a milestone? Be more prolific than Onion? 2011 is the year!

11- Get out of jail.

This one is not a top 10. It shouldn’t even be on the list. But we know you try hard to rehabilitate… :-)

So, print this list, pin it over your desk or make it your background. Check every items you achieved and brag about it! If you complete it, you’re a real over-achiever. Congrats! (Take note that your criminal record is permanent…)

Happy New Year!


A clan, a family

   Posted by: Awsumgee

It’s been three years now since I first signed up to Dark Warriors, a totally random pick that resulted from me clicking an ad. I can’t even remember where. Of course, I had no idea I would be playing the game so consistently over the years and still be able to enjoy it. My game has changed, from total newbie in seek of knowledge, clan owner, subscriber, ultra subscriber, to game helper and regular player again. A few things have been keeping me coming back, but my clan is the reason I still play the game. Getting a clan is the most crucial step for a newbie. You will get some coaching and make friends with a group of players. This is what will keep you playing the game. So, it’s important to make a good choice as far as your clan is concerned.

We can mainly identify 4 major types of clans.

1. The Venners

These are fighting clans. They gather together to pile up the bodies and gain maximum score at the end of the month. Usually, the main fighting clans consist of a core of experienced players, usually ultra subscribers with stats making them elite players in the game. They are prone to recruitment if you are ready to fight and build up your character to become elite too. From what I know, they are also very supportive. They usually team up in a group of 10-20 very active members. You will recognize these clans quite easily. Look at the CBR, a venner is there almost every months. Look in your logs, a venner’s member is there constantly. Join or fear the venners!

2. The Fun Crews

You can easily spot a Fun Crew by reading the clan’s description. Usually, it’s all about party and fun. It sometimes involves alcohol. Most of the time, the owners of Fun Crews are quite the jokers in the game’s forums. They really built a clan to their image. Because they usually have some very active members Fun Crews do tend to have their fun in the ven as well. I’ve never been in a Fun Crew, but I bet they will have forums filled with funny pictures. If your in for a laugh and some community fun, join a Fun Crew.

3. The All-rounder

This type of clan is a group that will not fit in the first two categories because they just do everything. This community varies in number and the owners will tolerate inactive players for a longer time. Since the All-rounder clan does not have an elite ven objective, they will usually have a big part of non-subscriber in their members. You will see them in the top 20 once in a while, between camping months. An All-rounder will have it’s own little inner circle, but only a few of it’s members will show up in the game’s general forums.

4. The Dead Clan

Hopefully, you don’t end up there! The Dead Clan, like the name suggests, is inactive. Most of the time, the applications are opened and the owner is not playing anymore. Don’t expect any help there, but expect to drown in a sea of other inactive players. These clans are easy to identify by their huge number of members who all drifted there when the owner opened the floodgates without filtering. As opposed to the Venners they will compete for the bottom 5 each months. A glorious sight.



   Posted by: Awsumgee

Christmas is approaching and we will probably all have our own Holiday topic. This is mine.

This year, I want to review Santa’s myth and mystery. In real life, I still want to believe in the magic of Christmas. True. I wish to keep parts of my child’s heart intact. I won’t deny what good this time of year brought me. All the reunions, the memories. They will stay with me forever. Mostly this year, since I will spend Christmas and New Year alone, away from my loved ones for the first time. Fortunately, I still have various ways to communicate with them, a small compensation.

In DW, Santa touches me, for different reasons. Santa’s Grotto is a well kept mystery to me. I don’t know anything about the ongoings of the King of Christmas. But, I will enjoy the finesse of his tailors’ craftings during this joyful season. I will keep an opened eye on this year’s exclusive trends. Feel free to let me know if you are going to parade in a fine costume for Christmas.

Last year, a few changed their in-game names for Santa. RedMoon was one of them! Will it happen this year. Will once again Santa steal the show? If not in that way, surely in many other ways. Some will untie their purse to gift friends and clan-mates. The luckiest will hold a shining element (or more) in their hands. This gift is timeless as it actually allows one to go back in time. The sapphire, as tasteful as ever, will grant a few good kids with many benefits. Giving access to the SCC is a sure win this year! A generous act this year consists of a fair amount of helixes and a free market 101 class. No better ways for a witty newcomer to start a business.

Shoppers should expect these minimal rates for these stones:

Elements : 13,500,000 gold

Sapphire : 3,000,000 gold

Helix : 400,000 gold

Of course, the trading chat will give an opportunity for some to make advantageous deals. Also, don’t forget that gold, even if it’s a little more impersonal, is always a crowd pleaser.

Set aside that often criticized, but fun mercantile aspect, Christmas is most of all the time to send best wishes, mail old friends, make contacts, share a laugh, selflessly give away good karma, etc. Because, in the end, this is what Santa is all about. To me, there is nothing else.



   Posted by: Awsumgee

First off, the Hercules game I tried to install failed…  And I know why. It was weird, way too demanding (posting pictures and stuff) and I didn’t promise a pre-determined prize (sorry, I’m not that rich). Or maybe it’s just because there is only one true Hercules and he needed not to claim his title. I like to think that’s the reason. So,  let’s present the winner of the DW Hercules contest. The only one who could stand up to the challenge. The one who could crush any presumptuous attempts to win his throne. The one who, if he played DW, would certainly be on top of every Wall of Fame’s categories (except losses). The one and only Hercules:

Well done! 20 elements for you!

Now, I think I could focus on the game itself rather than on my vain attempts to create some community events. My big up in November is certainly the ven, for it’s turmoil and revamp. So far, we have a raving trio over the million and a record-breaking month. It goes like this:

1. Last CBR Second Place Fun House 5 13,867,081 6,935,986 4,891 1,697,678
2. FARMERS 4 9,423,213 4,713,888 4,563 610,237
3. Last CBR champions Rising Force 7 2,126,998 1,068,566 10,134 2,759,113

The rest aren’t even a match-up, but we still have some good fun, really! It’s not a major act nor it is my best, but I’ll be flirting with 10,000 kills this month.

I really like the fact that we actually have a top 20 now, and you better be part of it or nobody will know about your clan. I also like the talks around some possible ven changes.  I am for the medal system for top 3 and I think each clans in the monthly top ten should get something (if not a prize, a mention). A slight change that would add another dimension to the CBR. All in all, some neat changes were made that made the ven nicer and I’m sure there’s more to come.

On a lighter note, I’d like to know : Who is you personal ven nightmare. It could be the one you always wake-up with in your logs, the one you can’t beat but would really like to (you might dream about it at night ;-) ), the reasons are endless. Let’s see if we’ll get to discover some new tyrants to join the well known brutes. Of course, you guessed who is my worst ven nightmare…


A True Hero

   Posted by: Awsumgee

Well, what’s going on here?

Ah! Guess I’m the last one to post… But fear not, because today I claim my Avenue (with much honor, needless to say). To begin with, I’m kinda getting old now : 2 years, 237 days and counting. But with age comes power. Once, my stats were low, now they’re okay… Well, I have to admit that I’m the weakest blogger in here. Two weeks ago, it wasn’t true, but Mag’s outgrown me, congrats Mag! But here, I think that I might be able to stand on the same ground as my co-blogger friends and enjoy a good time with them. That’s right, without being killed! ;-)

That brings me to the main subject of the day. I’ve been thinking… You know that TV show that aired like 10 years ago, Hercules :  The Legendary Journey (please, someone, remember!)? Well I’m very fond of it and it’s main actor Kevin Sorbo. And I thought, if we had to name a DW Hercules, a true, kind, strong, passionate hero, who would it be? Me of course if that’s what make a hero! But no, not that kind of proud and mighty hero, legendary in many ways. We’d rather be looking at the true meaning of Kevin Sorbo’s Hercules . Now some might say I got mixed up in my mythology for what I’m going to proclaim, but the true legend of that specific Hercules is all about the haircut! A silky, rich, flamboyant, gracious golden mane. The kind that belongs to Gods and descended to Earth. Well, who will be that DW Hercules, now tell me?

PS: By the way, if you think that you are that Hercules, send a link to a picture in my player’s mailbox so I can compile them in a follow-up article. Thank you!