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Missing this Blog!!!

   Posted by: Ditrick_Capone

It’s been months since I last wrote something in here!  Well, it has been stressful in real life for the Capo and apparently it has affected my DW gaming and unfortunately even my clan.  =(

Balancing real life and your virtual DW life, I just found out is not so easy at all. Focusing on the more important issues in real life gave me very little time to enjoy my virtual life.  This almost driving my clan to extinction coupled with the changing format and not enough support from the clan capo to really be there for the members have driven our clan to its lowest point.

Clan management was never easy and it has always been an up and down for most clans in DW,  at the moment, we suffer the most inactivity in over 2 years of our clan’s existence.  Now, what we are discussing is which clan to merge with, who merges with who.  aaahhhh  Things clan owners dread of even thinking about.

In the next few days there will be movements of members to a different clan once more, this time the Mafia will seek its new home.  Where, that remains the big question mark (big ?)

The Capo is a little sad but this things need to happen to give the mafia members an enjoyable gaming experience.

So….  Watch out for the comeback of the Mafia Family!!!

The Capo!


The Markets of DW

   Posted by: Ditrick_Capone

Not so long ago, the markets available to players were the PLATINUM, HELIX, SAPPHIRE and ORE markets to trade your currencies.  For your bloodied, dented and dinged weapons, you had the items market to try and sell them at a better price than the buy-back option in the equipment stores.  In the Items market one can sell custom equipment as well.  From these markets, we have the addition of a few and very interesting markets.  Not so long ago, maybe about a year or so, the ELEMENT market and AUCTION HOUSE was introduced.  To this date, we now have the latest addition to the markets, the GAME CREDIT market and the FOOD & DRINK market.

For the benefit of the noobs out there, I’ll talk a little about the markets.

The Platinum Market

Sources of Platinums:  Forest, Dark Forest, Plat Shop and Ultra Subby

Use of Platinums:  Clan Healing, Outpost, Slated Hut, Chamber of Wisdom, and if I am not mistaken some diseases* requires platinum to be healed

The Helix Market

Sources of Helix:  OCC, Loligo Caves, and Game Subscription

Use of Helix:  Increase your MAX ENERGY by visiting the HCC and putting in 50 helix,

Replenish energy in the Helix Mines.

The Sapphire Market

Source of Sapphire:  Ultra Subby

Use of Sapphires:  Devious Ridge, SCC, Character Change name, Clan Change name, Serfs, Lottery, Shadow Castle

The Element Market

Source of Elements:  Buy it from the game shop with GC

Use of Elements:  ECC, Increase/Decrease Level

The Ore Market

Source of Ores:  The Mines

Use of Ores:  OCC, Outpost, to cure diseases*

The Game Credit Market

Source of GC:  Buy it from the game shop with real money

Use of GC:  To literally buy everything available in the game.

The F & D Market

Source of F & D:  Food and Drinks Shop (purchased with tokens from outposts)

Use of F & D:  replenish energy or hp

In this blog, I’d like to talk about the 2 latest markets.  I’ve decided to concentrate more about the markets.  During my hey Ditto days, I used to receive mails about how I trade and what are my trading principles, maybe I will try to share some of the mafia’s market strategy.  My market strategy has intrigued a few players in DW.  I’ll try my best to impart some knowledge to those who are interested. But this thing will take several issues of blogs.  So let’s take it from here.

The GC Market

The introduction of this market caught me by surprise; GC is equivalent to real money.  Giving us this market is simply a sign of generosity from the game owner/developers.  You can purchase ultra subby with this.  Once upon a time, ultra subby is only for those who can afford to spend real money in the game.  Now, if you are market savvy and dedicated player, you can afford to subscribe without having to spend real money.  One of the best addition to the markets so far.

The Food and Drinks Market

This has become my favorite market, if you have given importance to your outpost when ores were dirt cheap.  Outposts generate tokens which you can buy F & D from the F & D shop.  The only way to convert your tokens to gold before was to replenish your energy with drinks then hit the lumbermill or loligo cave.  Things are much easier now, tokens derived from the outpost can be used to buy F & D and straight to the market to sell it for gold.  This is my favorite market to date.

According to Feltash, in one of his posts, there will be other markets that will be introduced in the game.  It makes for a more strategic way of playing the markets.

Next week, I’ll talk about the correlation of each market and hopefully give a trading tip.  For now, all you noobs out there, maybe you would like to start your outpost and stack up on those death sweats.  Death sweats trades the best. Specially during the middle of part of a CBR.  =)

Until then…….

Ditrick Capone

*Disease – a new game update that will infect players with different types of disease depending on which land they acquired it.  Look up Mag’s post.

Note:  This post will be updated to include other uses of currencies.


Ditrick Capone is not a guru of some sort in the DW market, it just so happens that he is an active player in the market.  Once upon a time.


Nobody Ever ‘Really’ Quits Dark Warriors…

   Posted by: Ditrick_Capone

In my 3 long years of playing DW, I have encountered a lot of players who would announce in public forum their disgust about the updates and changes in DW and openly say they would quit.  I happen to be happy about change.  I believe that in life, the only constant thing is change.  Putting it in game scenario.  Who would want to play DW for years and years without any change?  I won’t.

In any game, change is good.  It may not suit your style or fit your character but change is always good.  It simply means the developers are looking for ways to improve the game.  Improving the game is not easy.  In a way, free loaders are lucky to be playing DW and enjoy stuffs that was once available only to Ultra subs, this came true because of game updates.

The recent updates made the game a highly strategic game, though the main factor or advantage would be for the wealthy players.  Wealth in terms of game resources, whether you use real dollars or in game currency, the competitive advantage lies on how well you are as a player to gather enough currency to stay within the top 20% of the field. If you can’t keep up then quit because you simply can’t keep up.  I cannot understand people lambasting the developers simply because they have been farmed, killed endlessly, or picked upon by one who has enough resources to be strong.

For those who said they were quitting because real life issues come in play and they come back to play again, I welcome them with open arms.  For those who announce they are quitting because they abhor the changes in the game, or they think the developers are giving favors to big spenders, well by all means quit.  If I were the developer, I would really favor the big spenders, simply because they keep the free loaders playing the game.  I hate to be redundant, freeloader can continue playing for FREEE!!!

A lot will probably get mad at me but before you do, ponder on what I say in here.

So if you are a quitter who announces you are quitting because the developers messed up the game…. please….when you say you are quitting ….. FOR PETE’S SAKE  QUIT!!!!  Don’t come back!


Speed of Light Updates!

   Posted by: Ditrick_Capone

I log in everyday but these updates zoom passed me.  I couldn’t believe my eyes how I didn’t know of these updates.  OCC????  Whoa!!!  Wow!!!  Whoever suggested OCC in the ideas forum must be feasting in pride and glory right now.  OCC is indeed a great addition,  I have gained 1 defense, 1 strength, some plats, 1 ability, 1hp simply amazing.

But what I hate most is, I used to have in my inventory 3M burelias around 2M alethites and now, I seem to have none of them!  Nope I didn’t use it to try my chance in OCC.  I sold them in the market to buy some elements.  darn it, bummer!!!

Let me see what will happen to the markets with the introduction of OCC.


Sapphire will be in demand. A lot of  “SERFERS” will surely sprout.

The obvious -  ores will rise in cost

helix will be in demand, people would want to boost their energy.

Into the not so distant future, elements will be back in demand not from CBR but from people leveling down after going for level 100 and getting those energy rings and trying to find +max energy in the forest.

Such a simple update…..such big impact in the future of the markets and GC purchase as well!!

Slackers like me will definitely be minced meat with more active players of DW.  Time to step up your game!  Have a game plan!

The Capo

On More serious matter:

I wish all players of DW who are from Brazil, Australia, Philippines and other countries affected by this La Nina Phenomenon to be safe.  We cannot stop mother natures rumblings but we can avoid this by taking precautionary measures.  I wish you all safety and hope that weather improves in your country.


Helloooooo 2011!!!

   Posted by: Ditrick_Capone

Time flies when you’re having fun.  The year 2010 was definitely fun in both the worlds I live in, real world and DW world!

I think 2011 will be a banner year for Tom’s crew.  In the late 2010, introduction of great updates came to fruition.  New tradeable currency – GC’s, new feature on regular subs, eggs hatching to pet monsters cbr updates and a lot more.  Our game is being transformed at a very fast pace.  If you are a weekly player, you may have a hard time catching up with those updates.

Aside from the game updates, I think there will be a lot of developments happening within the active community.  Specifically on mergers and acquisition.  Sounds corporate, well running a clan is a business.  A nasty business!  What I mean by mergers and acquisitions is simple.  The CBR has transformed into an exciting event that participating in it will mean great rewards to the winning clan.  I foresee some mergers between weaker clans.  Although the tops spot remains to be a competition between Fun House, Farmers and Rising Force, I think when mergers happen, the top 5 ranks will become tough to get to.  I hope the mafias can be in the thick of thin for 2011.

Not only there will be mergers and acquisition, there will be a lot of movements between clans.  Members jumping ship looking for a stronger clan to join so they can taste glory.  This has happened in the late 2010 and for sure more of it will come this 2011 .

I wish there is a way to introduce a cap in membership to somehow equalize clans in terms of membership and venning capability. That would put more clans in the map and entice more members to be active in the CBR.  I know this suggestion opt to be posted in the “Ideas forum” but I’m already here and typing my heart out so just read from here and post it in the ideas forum yourself hahhahaha.

From the Mafias of DW, a great 2011 to all other clans and players of Dark Warriors!

"Don Corleone, I think Don Ditrick Capone is up to something for the familia and it stinks like blood"


And so it is Christmas

   Posted by: Ditrick_Capone

Another year is about to end and another year about to start.  In DW, it’s the season to be wandering who will kick your butt after the season of gift giving is over.  Yesterday, you were farming mr.dw player 1, he would send you hate mail here and there.  Then one morning after Christmas, booom!!!  you check your log and there he is, the guy just killed you and sent you a not so friendly note, “I will farm you like crazy now that I can kill you”.  Uh-oh!  oKay!!!  hmmm  good thing I have 10 ability.  Part soul – part soul!!!  ho ho ho ho!

Well, now the question is, what the hell hit me???  Grady is on vacation! Whaaaatttt???  Ultra Sub but only yesterday he was not even a regular sub!  Damn it!!!  Must retaliate…. hmmm…hit his boats!!! yeah good idea, my boat is very strong with all those upgrades.  Proceeds to the Seafaring, patiently waiting for his boat.  Aye Captain, check the starboard side, warship patroling with id mr.dw player 1.  You sail away, hit the guy and baammmm!!!  Shooot!!!!  I got sunk by this freaking newbs boat! That didn’t work well.  How about outpost!  Let’s go let’s go!!!
1 turn trial, he lost but stole 1 token..not worth the hit.  He again sends you an email. Okay dude I am more powerful than you now, your ass is mine!  aarrrrrggggghhhhh

Oh well, that is how it is.  Christmases simply makes the powerful more powerful and the lucky kids getting their gifts and buys those winter pack thing and gets those ap’s and special equipment.  Personally I think, that is what the game is all about, trying to outdo somebody who is just about the same power as you, more or less.  A friendly rivalry but if he continues to use that credit card, it’s not going to be any rivalry anymore but simply you become owned! hahha hahah

Just go part your soul with him every revive this Christmas season and hope he gets sore thumb and fingers from farming you like cccrrraaazzzyyyy!!!!  Merry Christmas to all you!!

A friendly reminder if you get your gift, if you see my name, just look on top of me or at the bottom.  Try to leave the friendly capo alone.  I… Thank…. You!!!!!


CBR from Boring to Exciting!

   Posted by: Ditrick_Capone

Before talking about CBR, what is a CBR?  CBR or Clan Battle Ranking is a monthly contest where clans battle at the “upper ven” for kill points.  It’s a month long contest and a real source of pride for most battling clans.

During the earlier days, CBR is simply battling and gaining the top rank.  No prize for being no.1 just pure pride and glory.  I have participated in 3 CBR’s in my entire DW life and finishing 2nd in all of them.  I was in  “The Ducks” for my first, SuperDuperUberAwesomeFuntime Clan for my second and third try.  Back in the days, the CBR was exciting enough for most of the members because of the prizes inside the clan but really lacked the kind of competition that would bring many clans into the upper ven.  Categorically speaking, the CBR was a boring month long competition only made exciting because of what we perceive as a glorious event.

Nowadays, the CBR has been thru 2 changes making it a real exciting game.  The first was to offer a laptop as a prize for the winner.  Exciting but didn’t really take off well, probably the prize was just too much for the developers to do on a regular basis.  Then came (2nd change) the free one month healing prize for the winner which was immediately updated to award 2nd and 3rd placers as well.  Although free healing is good but technically what worth is free healing after having to ven for one whole month?  After venning that long, you would want to rest and take a good week off from the ven.  Now comes the medal play!  The medals a clan wins can now be used to purchase clan upgrades like potion shops and armory.  Great isn’t it? That doesn’t include the AP’s that the winning clan will receive.

These innovations have put the CBR in a very exciting proposition.  I can’t even wait to see what other updates will be in the offing.  I’m even considering putting a bit of money in my character to be able to ven like crazy.

The DW team of developers have done the game well, specially the CBR.

Now let’s end this little blog so I can do some pencil pushing and see when can I participate in that thing they call the CBR.


Sea of Talent

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Ever wonder who is behind that name you play with in DW?  Everytime you log in and enter  the game you will check out posts of people in the clan forum or community forum.  But really, who is the real person behind that funny name?  Doesn’t it make you wonder?

Let’s say Feltash?  Ever wonder who he is in real life, he is probably just one of the many people out there.  I guess you are right, he is just one of those guys who every now and then invents a game for people like us to play.

In the realm of the dark warriors, the gender that we acknowledge is the player’s gender he choses when he first registers.  The age that we talk about is the game age and seldom do we ask for real life age.  Going beyond age and gender, sometimes we get intrigued by how a person composes his post.  If we are to analyze a post, we can have an idea of a persons background.

Some posts are quite obviously done by a kid, perhaps a 10 year old, some are from an old fart wanting some little intelligent exchange or some “emo” just wanting to rant.  Most of the posts that are fun to read are those in the community forums.  You’d see very articulate posts, very funny posts, artistic posts, and down right stupid and idiotic posts.  Who are these people you ask?  I asked the same question many times over.

As a clan owner, I normally would ask my members their background to see what position in the clan I can offer them or up to what extent they can assist other members.  In the past couple of years I have discovered that DW is a “sea of talent”.  I have met a lawyer from Malaysia,  a nurse from Canada, an officer of a big firm in the UK, a construction firm officer from Indonesia, a plant manager from USA, a very artistic person and excellent blogger, an IT professional from the Philippines, a car garage shop owner in Australia specializing in V8′s, excellent musician, retired army service man,   a college scholar, son of a mafia, the list goes on and on.

So why don’t you do this, next time a post gets your attention, send this person an email and simply connect.  You’d be surprised to know that the person that has been attacking you all night long is a very sweet and gentle person in real life.  Not so long ago, a known outpost pillager dropped me an email, we had a fun exchange of mails, this coming from a person I hated for stealing my outpost tokens.  We have been at it for the past couple of months exchanging attacks but we respect one another in terms of gaming and it was fun to know a little more about the real person behind the name.

So come on boys and girls…..

Have fun and make the most of your gaming experience!  Make more friends!  Cheers!


DW and my Sanity!

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Why do you play Dark Warriors (DW)?  Whatever your reason, I offer you mine.

I am Ditrick Capone, I am one of DW’s clan owners who lead a pack of mobsters and I have been playing DW for over 2 years now.

My real life work is one that is pressure packed and very stressful at times.  To relieve myself of stress, I play golf.  Unfortunately golf is a sport that needs to be played during daylight and on the average one can complete the game in 4 hours.  What happens when you want to “de-stress” yourself in the middle of the night or during rainy days?  Well, the answer to this is DARK WARRIORS!  Yes, I have discovered that DW can be helpful in keeping my sanity in check.

What is it about this game that helps me keep sane?  Well, the format of being in a clan and meeting other members is an awesome experience.  You can make friends from all around the world, learn from other players their culture and develop friendship that can extend beyond DW.

Keep Sane! Play DW!

Well aside from that, I find it amusing to be somebody else in a make believe world.  As my name implies, I am a mafia in DW, well lost in the medieval times (I hope I got the era correct), I think we have been transported back in time.  That is another nice thing, nobody will stop you from coming up with your own theme.

Oh and to add to just making friends in the game, I think a “DW couple” turned real life couple.  Awesome that such thing can happen in the game.  We all have our reasons, I’d like to hear yours………………………….

So for me, I play to keep myself sane in real life and make friends all over the globe.  How about you? Why do you play?