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Defenders of Ordin

   Posted by: Mag_Trillini

Every month in the land of Dark Warriors, people come from far and wide to defend the 8 cities. Each city is unique and if owned, will give you and your clan special bonuses! Every bonus is special to what the city provides, for example Helios, a place of Lumber, and if owned, will grant you the gift of lumbering for TWICE as much gold! Double payouts!

But back to the real competition. Every month, a Town Cup is held. During the first 3 days of the month, the warriors of DW choose which city to defend from the invaders. So far, Ordin has won numerous times! And have been sharing the fantastic prize of 5k GCs amongst themselves. The defenders of Ordin have blown the rest of the competition away with a great lead of 54280 points. Perhaps second in lead (Theia) could turn things around while the month is still young!

Fighting away the invaders is a hard job to maintain, but luckily, with these dedicated fighters, Ordin will yet again become Number 1 in the Cup.

The current scorings are as follows for the TOP 14:

1. Mad_Platter: 44,542

2. Black_Smoke: 43,947

3. MidoElmasry: 33,992

4. Shrooms: 22,269

5. lilrat29:17,244

6. Forest_Demon: 14,760

7. SOcool_101:13,551

8. Kvakaca: 11,853

9. Skalana: 7,869

10. zolin1: 7,106

11. Horakhty_Ex: 7,030


13. ONION: 4,190

14. Godrician: 2,595

Whatever place you come when your town wins the Cup will determine how BIG your prize is. Not only will you need to work with the others to give your city 24/7 protection, you will also need to have a good finger, patience and determination to rise on top! So come and join the fun and sign up at and maybe you can come first and show everyone how good you are!


Holy Gold!

   Posted by: Mag_Trillini

What a great way to come back after 2 weeks of holidays. And my bank turns into nearly 10b gold! Many new changes like Bank Taxing, which obviously, SUCKS! I mean, with the amount of gold I have, I would be losing 200m gold each DAY! I mean, that is RIDICULOUS!

This would be a great time to have a Fair, don’t you guys think so? *wink*

Anyway, I have this tonne of gold which is just lying in my bank, waiting to be spent. Question is, on what? The markets have skyrocketed so I don’t think I’ll be visiting that for a while. And damn, potions get more and more expensive each time. All I can see is that I will try and protect my gold from bank taxes and thieves until a Fair comes. Hopefully, that will be soon!

SO many new updates. I had to read 1000 + posts this morning! Guess that’s my punishment for being away so long. Oh well. Just a few things I want to say about the new updates.

First of all, I absolutely LOATHE the new lumbermill update. It’s terrible. Not lumberming for a week and POOF! Months of blood and sweat and hours put into lumbering, lost … FOREVER. Now that downright SUCKS. That feature should be removed, ASAP.

Now, about the potion shop prices. Come on, just LEAVE them ALONE! Although you say (you know who you are) that it is EASY to earn gold. It actually isn’t, for MOST. Although gold can be earnt easily, perhaps not TONNES of gold. I mean, it may be easy to earn 100k gold in less than a day, but not 100m gold. And to think you get TAXED for having just over 10m gold! Seriously, if you want to get rid of gold, give us a fair! Or create something HELPFUL that we would ALL want to spend on. Remember when ores were big? Perhaps a PCC. Or maybe, special AUCTIONS with special equipment!

In my opinion, the taxes will just ruin the game, especially for the non-spenders. These updates are just creating a bigger gap between those who spend and those who don’t. Aren’t we trying to create a more equal society instead of a more divided one? I can live with a tax, but perhaps a once a month one, not once a day! I mean, in reality, you get taxed, say once a fortnight, but once a day is just RIDICULOUS.

And last of all, the clan vault tax. Why limit it to 1b gold? That is MUCH too small considering the fact that people like to donate to HELP the clan grow which benefits everyone. And not every clan has the time or resources to earn medals to rent cities, let alone, increase their clan vault storage space. So how about make it 3b limit instead of 1b? That would sound more reasonable.

In all honesty, I don’t see any positive things with these updates. There should not have been a way to get UBER FAST endless amounts of gold in the first place. On that day with that update, a passageway to ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF GOLD lay for those with high strength and luck and time on their hands. Thus, causing an imbalance in the economy. But, I do not blame those who took this to their advantage. I would say, it’s the fault of the person who created this said update. I am just stating fact.

All I want, is a better game, like the rest of you. But I do not believe that these updates are the way to go. Many others have put suggestions out there that are better alternatives to reap gold out of the game. My idea is to, if you have not picked up my hints yet, ARRANGE A FAIR! Lots of potions, stews, little goodie bags, the whole lot! Whenever it’s time for fair, those 7 days are fun and joy! Just be careful of those pesky thieves! :P When I experienced my first fair, I was not wealthy, but I had fun, nonetheless! Seeing the markets crash and so many players with gold on hand was great fun. I think DW is overdue for a funtime of thieving, stat boosting and gold losing and of course, lots of other things!

Of course, that’s just one idea. Many others have put out their ideas and opinions on this matter. And I think their idea’s are worthwhile, just take a peek at Game Discussion and you will see what I am talking about. :)

Well, I think that’s enough typing for today. Glad to be back from my long vacation. Good to be back!


Another Big Battle!

   Posted by: Mag_Trillini

For those who don’t bother reading the Game Discussion forums and need an update, read it right here! This month in May, the owner of the game (Tom Starkie, aka Feltash) has created a big CBR and CPR competition for all to enjoy. Well … depending if you are on the right or wrong side of the blade.

“May will be a special month for the clans. The points for CBR and CPR will be added together to make your final clan score. This score will give the following prizes:

2nd: Siege Pit
3rd: University

Let me know if you have any questions.


Now I bet you are wondering what exactly is a Siege Pit and University? These exotic buildings are exclusive for clans only and can be bought through medals won from CBR and CPR. Each building costs 30 medals (except for the Siege Pit which is 20 medals)! For the curious mind, the Siege Pit is a building that contains ALL orbs. That includes, fire, ice, earth, lightening, evil and undead orbs. A total of 6 orbs! This is a great building for the lazy demon skill user who can’t be bothered spending hours a day looking for a measly fire orb in the caves of the Dark Forest. Each orb costs between 1 – 6m gold each.

As for the University … it’s a special building that enables you to train immunity and luck! Two stats that can only be increased through APs. But there is a catch … you don’t get to pick which stat you would like to train. You must alternate between the two. For example, you want to put 2 trainings to luck, but you must do 1 immunity in between.

Along with these great prizes, the normal medals will be given out, along with the normal amount of healing days. The trick is to win this month’s competition is to score high both in the CPR AND CBR! Or … just score high enough in one to get the highest OVERALL score!

The scores so far for the Top 3 …


1. FARMERS - 1,130,713

2. GARUDA - 726,685

3. Eternal Darkness - 657,029


1. Dros Delnoch - 4,574,010

2. Eternal Darkness – 2,776,984

3. FARMERS – 1,726,805


1. Dros Delnoch - 4,753,219

2. Eternal Darkness – 3,434,563

3. FARMERS – 2,857,158

The month is still young and rankings could change, who knows …

For those who find it hard to stay clean and let alone compete, here are some tips.

When out fishing, always bring along a merchant flag! It’s your best friend.

Right after each reset, be ready to buy a whisky brave and part everyone who crosses paths with you! Or … if you have the option and gold … A beef stew a day keeps the venners away. ;)


Christmas in March!

   Posted by: Mag_Trillini

Lots of love has been spread by the famous warrior Nostalgic [13] (aka GoneWithTheWind)!

Like DW’s very own santa clause, he has come out and let people have a choice of choosing an item of his, platinum, helix, sapphires, elements or an undead demon egg. Thanks to his generosity, many have gone home with lots of little knick nacks to play with and lots of delicious shiny stones to munch on. Even the poor orphan children have received better clothes to wear so they won’t freeze to death in the blistering cold and die every hour!

Thanks to this giveaway of his, people as strong as Ultra players and as weak as Non-Subscribers have gotten a chance to get a nice little present. The only requirement was to make a post, and if he liked it you would receive something. It could be anything like 1 platinum or 200m gold! Looking at the post, looks like everyone has been good little warriors.

With the help of his little elves, they have been able to make lots of kiddies happy. Even with so much given away already, he is still the richest and strongest player out there. Unfortunately, poor Nostalgic has taken a vacation due to the many kids who have sat on his lap asking for presents. All this present giving has tired him out, and he has now taken a little holiday and is travelling across the globe on his private jet.

On other giving away news, GiantHamstaMan gave a Dactyls Chaos Hammer to the winner of his competition and elements to those who gave a try. Another great thing to see. This year, many of given away things and donating back to the DW community, and these are just ordinary players who have spent their precious time logging in daily to check up and have fun with the whole community. Maybe you could give something away too!


New Serf Updates! Workers Revolt!

   Posted by: Mag_Trillini

We bring you live with the kajurus slaves and thralls who work hard in the deep caves in Westland. On the outskirts of The Mines in Westland, every hard working slave and thrall is marching up and down and all around on strike! They are unstoppable and are going crazy, yelling and screaming out: “We Work Hard, Yes We Do, We Want Less Days and Get Paid More Too!”

This has caused all the big ore company owners like SwineParrot (PigBird) and Black_Smoke to scream and yell in outrage! After trying to talk to the workers and negotiate their work hours and pay, this is what it came to.

Mr Swine: “This is ridiculous! I am NOT paying 88 sapphires to hire you! And for only 2 days?! You are crazy!”

Our special scientists have calculated how much Swine has lost because of this revolt, and here are the results:

Original Profit: 6950/30 = 219 X 71hr X 120 bur = 1,856,880 bur X 200g = 373,176,000g – 22 X 3.5m = 296,176,000 gold

Current Profit: 6950/30 = 219 X 47hr X 120 bur = 1,235, 160 bur X 200g = 247,032 ,000 – 88 X 3.5m = - 60,968,000 gold

That is a total profit loss of 357,144,000 gold!

As we report to you live on the scene, poor Mr Swine is blowing fire across the picket line until he has turned blue all over, while the slaves and thralls continue to protest and refuse to work unless they get their way! While Mr Swine goes to take a load off at the local bar, I am here with one of the protesting workers of another company.

Mag: “Tell me, why are you doing this?”

Karjurus Slave: “Well, we found out that while we work our asses off for days on end with low pays of less than half a sapphire each (altogether being 22 sapphires pay) our boss is getting millions of gold in returns for our sweat and pain! We are working like a sweatshop while our boss is lying there in the golden jacuzzi he had recently purchased drinking his expensive shiraz and watching his 50 inch Flat Screen TV! And then we learned that the thralls were getting getting paid more for less work, so we decided to team up together and protest for better pay checks to feed our families with. Apparently, Pot and Luck Girls were getting overpaid while we were getting Underpaid! And well we all put our heads together and thought that, that was just not fair! So here we all are, on strike until we get what we want!”

So there you have it, ore companies have hit a big wall, workers are becoming more knowledgeable and ores will be a lot more scarce, this is Channel 751784 Update News.


Do you ever get the urge? …

   Posted by: Mag_Trillini

To gamble? I know I have. I get it a lot. The urge to bet all in at poker … the urge to bet maximum in hi-lo … the urge to jackpot every single time, hoping to win the big pot … the urge to gamble your energy, in hopes of doubling it … the urge to enter all the draws, hoping to get 6 balls in a row … the urge to kill our computer when we lose gold (damn those pesky thieves!) … have you ever had any of these urges?

I know for myself, I’ve had all these urges (especially the last one, :P ) and the force is just to strong to resist! Betting in all in fun, especially if you win, but damn, the blow is hard. Same with jackpotting every time …. damn that game, the worst bit of all was spending 400m on jackpotting the cards, and then having no more … and then 2 cards later, out comes that Ace of Spades! I swore to never play again … but of course, the urge is too much to bear … You bet 250,000,000 gold on Black! Damn , did it again!

Lately, there has been a force that has been luring me to, as others have put it “the energy gamble from hell”. That Cloaked Gentlemen seems to be lurking and watching my every move. Off to chat … few seconds later … BAM!
Cloaked Gentleman: Hehe, Well done Maggie_Pie. Seeing as your Maximum Energy is over 100, for helping me I have here an offer for you. I have 2 potions, a green potion and a yellow potion. One of these potions will double your Maximum Energy, the other will halve it.

*Runs away and hides in the forums*

Cloaked Gentleman: Eh hum …

Would you like to drink one?

[Drink the Green Potion]  [Drink the Yellow Potion]

*Punches in the face*

How annoying, he just won’t leave you alone! You always seem to come back to him. But wouldn’t it just be amazing to drink the right potion and double your energy! You’d feel awesome … but if you were to drink the wrong one, you’d want to quit and kill yourself. Unless you don’t care too much, then go for it! But to be safe, always pick the Pink potion. 8)

Now, as for the Lottery Hall, its getting dusty and needs to be used! And always buy the Max tickets, they give the best results, just the other day I won 10 helix! And 30m gold. Not too bad if I do say so myself. But how cool would it be to win 2b gold, 50k helix, 2,500 sapphires or 500 elements?! Now that would be epic. Very impossible … but epic. Just make sure you are prepared to lose whatever you bet! It may be a few hundred mill later before you actually win anything.

And of course, POKER!!! Who doesn’t love a good game of poker? A game of skill, a game of knowledge and of course … a game of chance. Whenever playing poker, I seem to get so bored I just HAVE to go … ALL IN. And often that leads to epicly lucky wins, or terrible losses.

And last but not least, well … I think we all get that urge sooner or later. :P

So what other urges have you had within DW? Come sit and share your stories with us.


Diseases – Need Help?

   Posted by: Mag_Trillini

As many of you have seen and witnessed, diseases are spreading rapidly! They are pretty terrible!

As a carrier of a disease, I have to say, some of the diseases are just horrifying. But as far as my list goes, the ingredients are pretty bad too! So I did some research and Ive made up a guide on these diseases. Just some information for those who want more information on these rare but devastating diseases. So here it is:

Where and How can I get a Disease?
Diseases are found everywhere in Westland. You can get it by visiting a city that has been infected by a disease. Depending on your immunity and the severity, you can catch the disease in every 1: xxxx clicks.

What diseases are there?
Each land has its own unique disease, they are:

Ordin – Black Death: Causes 50% less gold from forests.

Aldara – Miners Cough: Causes double fatigue use for mining.

Helios – Wood Rot: Causes half the gold wage amount from lumbering.

Kratos – Black Pox: Causes 50% less gains in the training facility.

Icarus – Putrid Fever: Causes HCC and SCC gains to drop by 50%.

Theia – Demon Footrot: Causes your demon to only gain 1% of experience in battle.

Orithia – Paresis: Causes 50% less gains in the ECC and 20% more failure in the OCC.

Triton – Mania: Causes 50% less gold from the Dark Forest.

How can I get rid of a Disease?
Visit Wizard Ruben and he will give you a list of ingredients to get for him to make the disease.
Ingredients can include:
- Fish
- Trapped Animals
- Leaves
- Platinum
- Ores
- Tokens
- Orbs
- Eggs
- Foods & Drinks
- Equipment

Ingredients for cures vary for each person, even if they have the same disease.

How can I protect myself from these Diseases?
There are 2 ways of protecting yourself from these diseases:
1. Stay away from the infected city
2. Add AP to your immunity stat

Can I get more than 1 disease?
Answer: No you can’t.

Can I spread my disease to others?
Answer: N/A


CPR or CFR or neither?

   Posted by: Mag_Trillini

A very HOT topic at the moment is whether or not to keep the current scoring of:

100 points for destroying a rowboat
200 points for destroying a longboat
300 points for destroying a warship

All losses are worth -100 points.

Fish are also worth the following points each:

1 Minnow
2 Sucker
3 Shiner
4 Trout
5 Salmon
6 SeaHorse
7 Snapper
8 Parrot Fish
9 Wrass
10 FlatFish
11 Darter
12 Sculpin
13 Perch
14 Eel
15 Stickleback
16 Puffer Fish
17 Grunt
18 AngelFish
19 Skate
20 Shark

Or to change it so that its more fair and balanced so that the CPR isn’t just a sapphire war or as others put it a “CFR” (Clans FISHING rankings).

Lets look at both sides here. (My attempt at being as objective as possible and looking and portraying both sides clearly)

Side 1 – Change the scoring so fishing and sinking is more comparable so to initially win the CPR is to BOTH  sink and fish. And not just one or the other.

With current sinking scores implemented there is an imbalance, as if you fished all day long, you could earn much more points by sitting there, resetting your casts, by bait, hooks, etc and repeating this over and over again until you run out of sapphires.

For example, say I can catch 50 sticklebacks with 100 casts. That would equal to 50 X 15 = 750 points. That is more than sinking a rowboat, longboat and warship combined! And lets say you have 20 sapphires to use for fishing, 750 X 20 = 15k points!

Now that is a lot of points and for as little work of say an hour or so of effortless clicking and little skill. If you were just sinking boats, you could probably get 15k points in about a week (depending on the amount of boats in the water and whether you have strong rigs or not) which is a lot more work in comparison to just fishing.

But what if … The sinking scores are changed to … for example:

+2k points for warship

+1k points for longboat

+500 points for rowboat

All losses are – 500 points.

To get a decent amount of points, both sinking and fishing will become profitable as they are close in points. Which means you can’t JUST fish to win and you can’t JUST sink to win. It creates a more interesting competition instead of just being a “sapphire war or CFR”.

Side 2 – CPR should be kept the way it is

Why? Well because there ISN’T an imbalance and as you can see, clans who have won and are currently winning the CPR both fished and sunk ships. So obviously, the current scoring is fine the way it is. And obviously there is not an INFINITE amount of sapphires to use on the CPR and can be better off used to boost your stats or to sell on the markets and etc so therefore, the current CPR is not a sapphire war.

And if the current scorings WERE to be changed to the example above of:

+2k points for warship

+1k points for longboat

+500 points for rowboat

All losses are – 500 points.

Then there would be an imbalance since clannies could just leave their clan and suicide on their clannies to earn easy points. And could do this will multiple clannies, earning hundreds points per revive. Therefore, creating a CSR (Clans Sinking Rankings).

So here are the 2 sides

Side 1 – Change the scoring so there is a BALANCE and is not just a sapphire war (CFR).

Side 2 – No need to change, it is fine the way it is. If there were a change so sinking ships earn more points like the example above, it will cause an imbalance for sinking (CSR).

Ahh but wait, there is an ALTERNATIVE! Suggestions made by parties who are neither Side 1 or Side 2.

So here are some of the suggestions:

- “Keep the current scores, but have only 1 fishing results per reset count towards your CPR points, same as your first 5 jousts a day count towards your total score.”

- Set a limit on how many times you can reset your fishing casts

- Make it if you leave your clan, you cannot join another clan for 24 hours (lessens the abuse of people leaving their clans to let their clannies suicide on them)

Now tell me this, are you Side 1 or Side 2? Or are you the Alternative? Or do you just simply don’t care?

Let’s hear your opinion.


Pirate of the Seas!

   Posted by: Mag_Trillini

Nearly a month the CPR has been out and the seas have been more active than ever! Everyone has been buying BAP and frantically leveling up to make their weak ships into seamonster fighting material. If only we could fight those ghastly creatures that lurk the seas and break our expensive upgrades!

With the CPR in place, lots of new equipment have been released to help you sink others faster. With the small brass scope, you can see 3X3 times further, great for ambush attacks and of course the Crows Nest which can help you track other ships! Put these together and you have, a deadly combo. But these great items are nothing without a fortified ship able to sink all in range.

And as for the CPR scores so far….

In 1st place, Fun House with a whooping 1,447,939 points

In 2nd place, FARMERS with a good looking 1,051,203 points

In 3rd place, Closed to Public with an impressive 649,273 points

The scores are quite spread apart but the seas are always changing, so you never know what might just happen!


What’s new in 2011?

   Posted by: Mag_Trillini

Happy New Year to one and all! Time for new resolutions! New goals to achieve! Maybe even a totally new look. It’s time to be who you want to be in 2011, a time for new opportunities! Maybe even buy a subby or two. Whatever you feel like doing, it’s time to do it now.

So what has been going on in DW this year? Lots and lots of new updates! Demons are flying and crawling everywhere, along with tonnes and tonnes of uber strong ships stalking the waters. With the new Pirate Battle Rankings, people have come out of their shells to show what their boats are made of. The waters are now officially a DANGER zone, so beware when going out to Home Port, you might just get sunk …. again … again and again. Not to mention the many empty egg shells floating around the ocean, new demons have been coming out and the rare golden eggs too. But who wants to be online for 500 hours just to crack open an ultra rare egg? Pfft, how tiring, well luckily with the new Blood Talon Potion, a single drop can instantly hatch your egg! Amazing new stuff!

This Jan, watch out for lots of new packs, buffs and others in the GC Shop. This month start buying some GCs to purchase the awesome Jan Splash Pack and Jan Mega Pack, all packed with lots of goodies for everyone to use! Even the poorest of players can purchase the greatly priced Splash Pack (75GC) and for those wealthier players, the Mega Pack (2000GC). As for some buffs and others, a new armour called the Mantle (175GC) has come out along with some very interesting new buffs called Handle of Strength (500GC) and  Gerinite Orb (500GC).

With a new year comes new adventures and experiences, LPs have finally arrived and people are already wondering how to get them fast so they can get themselves a New TV or a Beach Towel. Stay active and loyal to the game and maybe one day you could get a nice TV too or if you prefer something in game, the whole ice set or the awesome Black Fate skill. Just remember to keep playing and stay active, and you will be rewarded!

To think that all of this happened in just a month …  imagine what next month will bring.