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The Joy of Outposts

   Posted by: SwineParrot

Almost back from Summer Vacation, so I have decided to put in JoJo, the Dog Boy’s post on Outposts and what he likes to do with them.

The Joy of Outposts

Many players when they are newer hear of this thing called a Slated Hut, where you build a house that then earns you gold. Some players start building one, but then loose interest after awhile and don’t return. Does anyone out there actually keep up with theirs? I know my Hut is sitting there semi-built, not doing a thing but falling apart. Similarly, most players start an outpost at some point, but I think most of them don’t do much to it, and then abandon it to the weeds.

And that is not surprising, because building a strong outpost takes a lot of work. First of all when you are new and you start an outpost, you need plats to sell for tokens, so you spend time in the Forest fighting dogs and hoping to find rescue a kitty and get some plats. Then you need ore, so you go to the incredibly fun task of mining, getting up enough tokens to train a troop or build a farm, then going through the wholoe process again. And really, the most exciting thing that happens in mining is you appear to be stuck in a wall. Or when the Beast eats you. Besides that, it is a lot of tedius clicking on “mine again” (though really, thats not much different that venning a million kills, just brainless clicking on attack).
Ok, so you find plats, go mining, build a farm and a mine and some troops, that probably took a month. Now you can go raid other outposts, but since you are so weak, the only outposts you can beat probably have 100 tokens total. But every once in a while you can get 500 in one attack, so remember that outpost! You will be visiting them every few days. And maybe someone will write you a nice letter about “Hey a-hole, leave my outpost alone!”

So you keep at it, decide to level up, realize that it costs more for troops now, you forget to have enough farms and some troops die, you leave 10,000 tokens in it and someone steals it. But keep at it young ones, it is worth it.

Because one day you will be strong like ox. Not our Ox, but ox in general. And then you will be able to get back at those meanies who kill you in the Ven and fill your logs with their terrible names. All those players who think they are so cool because they win CBR battles and have battle percentages in the 90′s. The ones who kill you if you accidentally leave gold in hand (even if its only 500 gold you accumulate while defending your city). Even the World Champion, yes you too can defeat the World Champion-in the outpost!

Besides being strong in the obviously way-cool outpost category (“Outposts are Where its At”, New York Time January 24, 2011, or “The Joy of Outposts”, DW Blog, May 2011, for example), there are real benefits to doing so. With your tokens you buy Death Sweat, which you can sell on the market for a lot of gold, in fact I just made almost a million in gold by my 10 seconds of attacking another outpost. And guess who will buy the Death Sweats from you? The same person you just stole the tokens from in their outpost. Double whammy.
So keep at it grasshopper. One day your outpost will be legend, talked about for years to come.

Brought to you by the Letter “O” and our sponsor:


See the sh!t we have to deal with?

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Hemorrhoid Relief

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This is below one of our posts (probably Redmoon’s… I’m not saying anything, I’m just saying, you know what I’m saying?…).

I never realized how much real SPAM there is out there in the world of cyberspace?  Someone actually has to groom through the comments from our beautiful blogs and trim out this crap.  I would have thought it would be to sift through all the “Pigbird, you suck ass!”  “Pigbird, I hate you! F-OFF and leave my outpost alone!”  Pigbird, you’re a jerk!”

Surprisingly, those comments are quite rare – usually it is the more benign spam that makes it really disappointing to write our blogs, and then eagerly check back (yes, alright? I DO enjoy reading your stupid comments on my blogs. No shut up and keep reading!)… Where was I? Oh yeah, it really sucks to see all the people that have too much free time to come on to our little blog site and write stupid shit about International Schools in the Bahamas, or a new way to deal with Hemorrhoids, or a painless way to enlarge my pen.. oh wait, that was me googling something… uh, never mind about that one…

I used to play this “other” text-based game called AlienNation (I THINK that is what it was called; that or nationstate…). You had to create this nation and you got to decide all the things for your citizens and watch it grow.  At least that is how I played it out.  Each day you were presented with dilemmas and had to decide you would handle it as the governing body.  Depending on your personal philosophy you citizens were living in pure utopia or a complete Police State.

Guess where I fell in?  I had my citizens FORCED to give organ donations when they died, I had the police fully allowed to bug the citizens roaming for criminal activity (if you have nothing to hide, what do you care if big brother is watching you?).  They carried heavy machine guns and were allowed to pull you over for no reason.   Castration was legal to weed out the dumb-asses in my population and their possible offspring…

It was a real release for me after a long day of work and putting up with crap all day.  And when I have to read all this garbage these people post on here (You don’t have to read it as it is deleted by Nate or someone), I sometimes wish I was back in that police state, having my cops track down these wankers who spam our blog forums and then send out a squad to beat their asses up and make them regret harassing us.

And now to bring us back to a complete circle, and to complete my status as a hypocrite, here is a lovely advert below for you to read, and based on how many times I wrote the word “Hemorrhoid,” I can only guess what it is about…


Payback’s a bitch – The Pink “Ball” of Fun…

   Posted by: SwineParrot

Sorry, I am not advertising a Breast Cancer Awareness Dance or anything…

Well, I have been blogging on this thing for a few months now, and wanted to share a bit of RL with you.

Two weeks ago within days of each other both my boys got pink eye.  I could hear one of them crying in the early morning,  “Mommy, I can’t see” – these are boys that can find their way from the top of a bunk bed to our room in pitch black.  And here they were they could not even open their crusty eye  to make their way out from under the blankets.  We were sympathetic to their plight (or so I thought, though this would change very shortly)  and kept the poor buggers home the first day, going to the doctors and getting some drops for them.

The doctor said they could go to school the next day, so we sent them. Poor little buggars – first they started in one eye and crossed over to each of their other eyes by the next day.

“Lisa and I were talking, and I think I am immune to that kind of thing,” my wife was saying, as Griffin came jumping up on my lap after dinner and rubbed his head affectionately into my head as I tried to delicately push him away without hurting his feelings as we always do this together.

For days this went on – those bleary red eyes coming along with that smile of anticipation as Griffin would come and jump into me and then try to wrestle our heads together, each day with me getting increasingly icked out, each day me getting more short with him to get off me…

And then it finally happened – I woke up this Wednesday with the damned pink eye.  Except it was the pink OOZING eye for me!  How ironic that I KNEW it was going to happened to me (“I am sure I am immune to that stuff…” Kristin would repeat…), yet I find it embarrassing how UNPREPARED I was to call into work.  A bit of quick scrambling and I was able to send my plans off to school while the boys went off to work with mommy leaving Daddy home to play DW all day! A dream come true! Or so  I thought at the time…

I was so giddy, I took pictures of my oozing eye and sent them into work to my principal and my friends to show them this was no hooky day for me – I was really sick! I got two fishing trips done, two mining ventures accomplished, I TRAINED two times! It was great! I got to Ven all day, and no one was there to give me the evil eye as I sat on the couch playing DW for 12 hours and watched the ‘Generals At War’ marathon on the National Geographic Channel! Oh yah! I was REALLLLLLY sick!

The next day things got even BETTER! My eye was redder, the ooze was thicker, and I got to stay home AGAIN! CHA-CHING! I think Tom even put a special deal out there because he knew my wife was at work, and I was home all alone! Thanks, Feltash!  But then I decided to take a nap that afternoon – I had been pushing things pretty hard that morning and the day before -  a lot of venning and all- my eye was itching a bit more than before.

When I woke up the unthinkable happened – both my eyes were crusted over!  That was NOT cool, and I turned into instant baby.  I dragged my ass to the doctor’s, got some new drugs and came home and waited impatiently for mommy to return to put the drops in my eyes. My wife was tired of doing double duty for two days dropping the kids off 30 minutes away and then driving 45 minutes back to her place of work, she was tired of listening to Raffi in the van, she was tired of seeing the kitchen dirty with me home for two days, she was tired of seeing me sitting on the couch playing DW when she came home after a long day, she was tired of me being such a baby.

Unaware of this at the time, acting infantile all evening, I was actually sent to bed early by my wife as she had lost her patience with me – I was sent earlier than even Noel and Griffin!  I even heard her say when she was putting them to bed – “Go say good night to Grumpy Daddy.”  I barely acknowledged a pair of angelic “Good night, Grumpy Daddy” as my boys echo whatever mommy tells them (Which reminds me: don’t use the word “pissy” in front of a five-year old, as he knows exactly how to use it on his 3 year-old brother when he is crying “Griffin, what are you getting all pissy about?”… I got the evil eye by mommy for that one…).

Anyway, I woke up today feeling much better, took things easier in the Ven, took a nap, and hardly had any crust in my eyes today – just some red!  But the best news is this:  We got rid of the boys for the evening with nanny and poppa, so mommy and daddy had a real DATE NIGHT!  Now when you have been married as long as we have, Date Night consists of going over the border for some Olive Garden and a few rounds of Bread Sticks and Soup, and then a trip to the Mall and visiting the Apple Store to look at the out of stock iPad2s!  After we confirmed that they were still out of stock and of course will not sell all thos F$#$%king display models just sitting there, we also confirmed that there was no movie we wanted to see.

We then went shopping at the 24 hours TOPS grocery store.  It was around 10:00 by this time and while in the grocery store, my wife started to say she was tired and that her eyes were sleepy/itchy….

Her eyes were itchy…


She said her eyes were itchy…

Well, by the time we got home, a quick look in the mirror confirmed the best/worst news (depending on your perspective). I just finished putting the drops in her eyes now! Let the fun begin! She gots the pink eye!…


PigBird Industries Burelia Ore Plant Closes Its Doors

   Posted by: SwineParrot

PigBird Industries regretfully announces the closing of its offshore Karujus Migrant Worker Ore Production.  The global economic downturn finally caught up with our little family operation.  We just could not keep up with the rising cost of oil to run the drills and the outrageous amount of sapphires the workers demanded in compensation in this latest of a series of contract disputes between the workers and management (namely, ME!) .  I know, I know – Contrary to popular belief, I am no philanthropist; I got into ore production to fabricate an insane profit pit.  I did not sign up to produce 1,000,000 pieces of ore for the obscene price of 88 sapphires.

Instead, I have issued a general recall of all Burelia Ore sold by PigBird Industries, and pulled all product off the shelves of the Ore Market.  Persons affected by this and who have recently bought ore from me over the last 4 months and desire to return this latest batch of goods are instructed to bundle their ore back up in the burlap sack it came with along with their faded receipt, proof of purchase, model number, serial number, and come prepared with the secret handshake and all monies will be fully refunded for 10cents on the gold piece with no (other) questions asked (please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of cheque through Westland Postal Services).

PigBird Industries now turns its attention on new ventures that I am contractually obligated not allowed to divulge at this time.  Look for a new “WTF? What a rip-off deal that Pig-Guy is offering now!!!” opportunity at a market near you. 

I would like to take this time to personally thank all my supporters, suppliers, and customers that I have hounded, begged, manipulated, hood-winked, tricked, and swindled these last few years.  Without you, I could not be as rich as I am.

A special “Thank You” goes out to our beloved Feltash:  Thank you, dear Feltash,  for giving me back a full nights sleep.

[End of Press Release]


Did the DAMN Game CRASH?

   Posted by: SwineParrot

That is the only plausible explanation for why in the hell it takes 10 god-damned minutes to reload at 2:00.

I was sitting here, having a pleasant conversation in chat when the damned reset came along!

I decided that this would present an opportune time to go and check out the other blogs and catch up.  But that is when I discovered a deep dark secret that OGN has been trying to hide from us bloggers – my conspiracy theory has hatched up that the damned game and the damned blog site are … related!!!!

How did I come to this conclusion, you ask? (Remember, I am technolgically retarded when it comes to these types of things so do not say I looked in the address bar thingy…).  Well, to be quite frank, while the damned game went into some damned vortex of infinite time and TOOK its sweet ass time reseting, I realized I could not get into the (now) damned BLOG sign in!!!

I mean, talk about kicking a man in the pills when he is already down!  Not only cannot I PLAY DW for 10 minutes, I cannot even READ ABOUT it now?  You already know how I operate at 2:00 am, but when it is THAT late and I again am dragging my sorry ass out of bed to start the damned serf, waiting an EXTRA 10 minutes is a hair pulling experience.  I want to scream out loud and wake up RL!  After playing this game for over 3 years now, I have lost count on how many 2:00 am Resets I have wanted to curb stomp.  But of the two, I cannot express appropriately where 12 year old children read how agonizing it is for me to sit through a night time reset.  It is uuuugggggglllllllyyyyy…

So, here I am, 2 days overdue for my blog, and well, BEFORE this with nothing to write about.  I was coming on here to steal another of Maggie’s ideas, when I cannot even log on at my most desperate of times.

And then it hits me – write about the damned resets and how they piss me off!

And so I did.

I am 2 days late for my blog day, but how many minutes has that time stealing Witch_Gwyneth taken from ME? And YOU, the loyal player of DW???  Too many, right?  It’s not right!

Anyway it would have been here 10 minutes sooner if I didn’t have to god-damned wait!

So put that in your pipe and smoke it!


Heidi…  not now… I can’t… I mean, I “can” but I “can’t” right now.  bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Gretchen? Is that you down under there?…  Stop tickling me, girls.  I have to go to work soon.  Rest for now…   BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…

Eh?… Oh, man is it time already? I squint to look at the clock.  Where is that damned snooze button again? Ah, f$#k it, I might as well get up.  It is ‘that’ time again – 2:00AM Friday… check, make that SATURDAY morning. 2:00. AM!!!!  Time to work the serf again and exploit all the little people with small energies…

I stumble out of bed, blindly looking for my specs, trying not to wake up Real Life with my stupid obsession: Running my damn Kajurus Slave.  That little bastard pumps out more ore in an hour than I can pump out in a year!  He shows up for work more regularly now.  Better than the old days, when he would miss about 1/4 of his shifts.  I really hated him back then. I admit it – I beat him good for those missed shifts.  The little f#$ker cost me money!  He deserved it.  Now, he is not so bad.  Still technically misses the first and last shift of his 3 days… CHECK… make that 2 days…  but his attendance IS better.  So that makes me rich. I mean happy. I mean happy AND rich.  And the loss of 1/3 of my ore just means my price went up 1/3. Don’t get mad at me – get mad at the guy who buys it at the price I put it at.  Supply and demand, baby. Supply and demand…

I really don’t know how he does it, but at 2:00 AM, after sleeping for 3 hours, with the sting still in my eyes, I don’t really give a sh!t.  I just know he is tunnelling like a mad man, creating sink holes and crevices all over Westland looking for burelia.  Anyway, the 2:00AM check in for me is the hardest part, and quite hazardous too.  I have stepped on many a toy, stubbed my toe, and walked into a wall once.  Like, really hard – my glasses fell off!  But the worst thing that has happened to me is that one time I did the long dreadful walk from the back of the house to the front, turned on the old laptop – waiting the required stoopid 12 minute boot-up time – logged in, and then forgot to run the damn serf! I did some sh!t while I was waiting for the Reset to happen, and by the time it changed over and I did some fishing and milling, I FORGOT TO RUN THAT SERF!!! That bastard got the day off, and made me get up and do the whole damn thing all over again at 2:00AM Satur…. check! SUNDAY morning…  I beat him good for that.  I felt better after…

Anyway, I got an extra two lumber mills in, I fished, I raided that dude’s outpost again, and I said ‘hi’ to all in chat.  And yes! I remembered to set the serf.  He actually starts on the next hour, and thankfully I still have the sleepy colours swirling in my eyesight – I might actually be able to fall asleep again soon.

Sometimes, I wish I lived in Vancouver, but then the only problem would be I would be living in Vancouver… ew…

Heidi, honey, I’m back… Gretchen? Put away that burning candle – not the hot dripping wax again…


Musical Guest Star: THE EEL

   Posted by: SwineParrot

One thing I like to do (especially when I am burnt out and cannot think of anything good to write), is bring in special guest stars that you know and love and get them to write something fresh for your reading pleasure.

So, without further ado, please welcome… THE EEL!

The global village of DW

One of the best things about DW is meeting and chatting with people from all around the world. I am not sure there are many other places where people from so many places come together and enjoy each others company. Also, the players’ ages range from I would guess 12 year olds up to older players (not to name names, but I wonder who is the oldest player, I’m sure I am up there near the top). Really, how often in RL do teenagers hang out with 40-50 year olds. Of course it is all ‘virtual’, but in fact many players know each other or have met in real world.

And, even though this game is largely based on attacking other players, most players are friendly with each other, even their ‘enemy’ in the ven. One need merely join in chat to see players having fun with each other. While there are occasional disagreements and verbal fights between players in chat (I have been told to go f*# myself, and to go boil my head) or in the forums, for the most part everyone gets along fine and enjoys some good natured heckling. Were you there the time we did chat in rhyme for like an hour. I thought that was hilarious.

And what is more, players here are really helpful to new players. Just post a question in forums, and you will get great feedback from more experienced players. And again, go to chat, you will see some amazing things. I have seen a new player who asked a good question given a million in gold from an older player. Or someone asks about starting to fish, someone will give them enough gold for a boat and some gear. For a game where you defeat other players, there is a great amount of generosity from those who have resources and information.

I know I have been helped with gold and equipment and information from other players. I have laughed out loud at some things people say in chat. I have learned a lot from other players. Thanks for the help and the fun.

Give it up one more time for THE EEL!

We will be back after a word from our sponsors….

Join us again next week when we bring back “KillKenny” for his thoughts on camping in the new DW…



   Posted by: SwineParrot

Read the following and TAKE CARE! (And, whoever the f%$k wrote “Im bored of the same quests in the Forests, and want other tasks to keep me busy during revives.” I am going to kick the s&!t out of!)

MaggiePie has just been hit with WOOD ROT! Can you believe it? The rebuild is less than 12 hours old and already disease is spreading! Why the hell are you people still dumping your waste in the streets??? STOP IT!  You are KILLING US!

This disease thing is scaring the crap out of me!  I am afraid to go to the lumber yard now!

Maggie has need of the following things! CHECK THEM OUT! IT IS CRAZY!!!

10 Stickleback [check]

6 Elm leaf [check]

293 Platinum, um ok… [check]

1 Burelia pfftt.. easy-peasey [check]

2 Alethite [check]

758 Tokens [check]

1 Mystical Orb of Ice easiest one to beat…[check]

1 Lightning Egg what the HELL IS THAT?

1 Red Grape [check]

1 Zhandra Skin Shield Type, uh… WTF???

LOOK AT THAT LAST ITEM!!! A Zhandra Skin Shield!  That monster was killed months ago and all the shields were bought back at the fair.  Who is giong to give her a shield, as Feltash said everything will be eaten up and used when she is cured!

So, lesson be learned – GET YOUR IMMUNITY UP! NOW!!!

Now, even if you are lacking in compassion for Maggie, consider how hard it will be for her to gather the items for the cure, and now what about all the noobs that are going to go and chop wood and not waste AP on ‘stoopid’ immunity and are going to catch it. Even if your own immunity is ironclad, the disease could quickly end up being devastating (Devastating – If over 50% of active population.) I am not sure how much it will increase your chance (Feltash wrote: “If the active citizens of a certain city do not get an antidote then the infection can change severity. The severity level is also another indicator of how much chance you have of getting the disease.”) but it WILL increase.  Now if only two people join the population and 1 has it, there is your 50% of the population having it making it “devastating”…

This is all a very scary scenario…

So I will repeat my message again: TAKE HEED!  Take measures to protect yourself! And if you don’t want to do it for your own good, for the love of god, do it for me; I am a germaphobe!

The following is an excerpt from Fetlash’s post on the Rebuild regarding Disease:

You said (via feedback forms 2010): “Im bored of the same quests in the Forests, and want other tasks to keep me busy during revives.”


What Is Disease?

Disease can strike at any time, there are a variety of different disease in Westland that all have different effects. Each of these are listed below:

Ordin – Black Death: Causes 50% less gold from forest.
Aldara – Miners Cough: Causes 50% less mining max fatigue.
Helios – Wood Rot: Causes half the gold wage amount from lumbering.
Kratos – Black Pox: Causes 50% less gains in the training facility.
Icarus – Putrid Fever: Causes HCC and SCC gains to drop by 50%.
Orithia – Paresis: Causes 50% less gains in the ECC and 20% more failure in the OCC.
Theia – Demon Footrot: Causes your demon to only gain 1% of experience in battle.
Triton – Mania: Causes 50% less gold from the Dark Forest.

How to Get Rid

To get rid of a disease you can visit trusty Wizard Ruben who will give you a list of things he needs to make your antidote. This list can range from foods, to fish, to orbs and ore!

The new immunity stat also plays a massive part with diseases. The more immunity you have the less chance you have of getting sick.

The Spread

If the active citizens of a certain city do not get an antidote then the infection can change severity. The severity level is also another indicator of how much chance you have of getting the disease. Further details of this are below:

Devastating – If over 50% of active population.
Chronic – If over 25% of active population / Less than 50%.
Severe – If over 10% of active population / less than 25%.
Mild – If over 5% of active population / Less than 10%.
Low – If below 5% of active population.


Peaceful Protest

   Posted by: SwineParrot

Get Up, Stand Up!

I am blogging here with my netbook chained to a forum post I recently put up. It is very difficult to type with chains hanging off your body, so please excuse the rough edges of this blog entry.

But I am chained to this forum post here in the Game Discussion Forum for a very important reason!

I refuse to allow the tyrannical leadership to continue in the world of forum posts! My demands are not only simple and just, they are also very reasonable:

I demand that the wait time to repost be lowered from 60 seconds to 25 seconds.

You have to understand: I love this game, but I lose my mind when I read this after posting in the forums:

“You cannot post a new thread or reply this quickly. Please wait 53 more seconds.”

I am a very busy and important person – both in Real Life, and (more importantly), in Dark Warriors as well! I do not have time to wait 60 seconds for me to be allowed to post again.

So here I sit.  Chained to a Forum Post.  Protesting current conditions so that my children can post in a better world.  I will not let “da man” beat me down.

Too often my limited time on this game requires quick attention to forum posts, and in an effort to keep the forums alive, I try to give a quick, but necessary and helpful (packed full of seriousness and light on the sarcastic side),  comment.  This is foiled by the 60 second wait time!

I understand the need to stop spamming posts, and I agree and accept that need.  That is why I am proposing a 25 second wait time.  Rarely do I read that wait message when it says less than 25 seconds.  I feel 35 seconds is enough time to leave one of my thoughtful, yet efficient pearls of wisdom for all to read.

So Get Up! Stand Up!  Stand Up For Your Right!

Join me, brothers and sisters, and force change!  If Egypt can overthrow a government, we can reduce the wait time to post! I have a 12 Step Plan to effectively initiate this change and will lay it all out for you now…

Opps, that is my 60 Second Buzzer!  I can post again in the forums!  I would love to chat, but I have some posting to do! What was I talking about again?… Oh well, must not have been important… Catch you on the flip side!

Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
Get up, stand up: don’t give up the fight!

Preacher man, don’t tell me,
Heaven is under the earth.
I know you don’t know
What life is really worth.
It’s not all that glitters is gold;
‘Alf the story has never been told:
So now you see the light, eh!
Stand up for your rights. come on!

Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
Get up, stand up: don’t give up the fight!
Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
Get up, stand up: don’t give up the fight!


A Day in the Life of the OCC…

   Posted by: SwineParrot

(El Heffe is cracking the whip back in DW1 to get some Blogs, so I had to regurgitate one of my posts in my Clan Forum I just spent time posting. I would have EDITED it but that would have meant I had to wait another 60 seconds, and could not afford that luxury just in case I was a spammer… Next week: A GUIDE to the Mage Class and how to use Focus Magic most effectively… ;) )

I have visited the OCC in bulk 3 times now and recorded all results for your use below.

The first time was 20 times in a row, the second – 30 times, and this latest time – 50 visits, to give 100 visits.
I think if you don’t care about what you are getting, the gains are pretty good, despite having around a 50% failure rate. I hope this helps you decide whether you want to try it or not.

1 Your maximum HP has been boosted by +1!
2 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
3 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
4 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
5 You have gained +480 platinum!
6 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
7 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
8 You have gained +1 defense!
9 Your maximum HP has been boosted by +1!
10 You have gained +1 Maximum Ability!
11 You have gained +1 agility!
12 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
13 Your maximum HP has been boosted by +1!
14 You have gained +254 platinum!
15 Your maximum HP has been boosted by +1!
16 You have gained +1 reset token!
17 You have gained +1 strength!
18 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
19 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
20 You have gained +1 strength!21 Your maximum energy has been boosted by +1!
22 You have gained +464 platinum!
23 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
24 You have gained +1 Maximum Ability!
25 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
26 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
27 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
28 You have gained +478 platinum!
29 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
30 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
31 You have gained +3 AP!
32 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
33 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
34 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
35 You have gained +1 helix!
36 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
37 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
38 You have gained +1 strength!
39 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
40 You have gained +3 AP!
41 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
42 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
43 You have gained +1 Maximum Ability!
44 You have gained +1 agility!
45 You have gained +1 strength!
46 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
47 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
48 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
49 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
50 You have gained +1 Maximum Ability!

51 You have gained +1 strength!
52 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
53 You have gained +3 AP!
54 You have gained +1 Maximum Ability!
55 You have gained +1 reset token!
56 You have gained +1 reset token!
57 You have gained +317 platinum!
58 You have gained +1 strength!
59 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
60 You have gained +449 platinum!
61 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
62 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
63 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
64 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
65 You have gained +1 reset token!
66 Your maximum HP has been boosted by +1!
67 Your maximum HP has been boosted by +1!
68 You have gained +475 platinum!
69 Your maximum HP has been boosted by +1!
70 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
71 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
72 You have gained +1 Maximum Ability!
73 You have gained +1 helix!
74 Your maximum HP has been boosted by +1!
75 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
76 You have gained +407 platinum!
77 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
78 You have gained +1 strength!
79 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
80 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
81 You have gained +1 strength!
82 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
83 Your maximum energy has been boosted by +1!
84 You have gained +1 strength!
85 You have gained +271 platinum!
86 You have gained +3 AP!
87 You have gained +1 agility!
88 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
89 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
90 Your maximum HP has been boosted by +1!
91 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
92 You have gained +457 platinum!
93 You have gained +369 platinum!
94 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
95 You have gained +1 Maximum Ability!
96 You have gained +1 defense!
97 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.
98 You have gained +1 reset token!
99 Your maximum HP has been boosted by +1!
100 The charm degraded into dust and had no effect.

Total Results:
11 = Platinum Gains (around 250-500 each time)
10 = HP +1
7 = +1 ABILITY
4 = AP +3
3 = AGILITY +1
2 = DEFENSE +1
2 = +1 ENERGY
2 = +1 HELIX