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The lights are hurting my eyes…

   Posted by: The_Hooligan

Hey guys!

I’m not dead!!! :D

For those who don’t remember me i’m HOOLIGAN, you must have seen me in your logs hehehe

I’ve decided to get back to the streets today after some days hidden in an old Pub, my beard is big and my back hurt. I spent all my last days drinking some ale in my favorite wooden mug and telling the stories of my adventures. I was also hearing some gossips of the current events of outside the pub door, which i didn’t cross for some days.

Got in some bar fights and killed a couple of guys who were saying I was not good at battling and i sent them to the other side proving i’m still in shape for a good bloodshed.

Took all my stuff and put it in my backpack and decided to hit the road back to the westlands. So here i’m, back to the good Ol’ style, the booze still in my head  so i’ll need to sleep for a day or two to recover my energies and be ready to war.

There are so many new faces around and I can barely recognize my old pals, crossed the street and a red haired woman waved at me, it was RedMoon, she seemed to be happy and in a hurry to get done some of her personal projects. Also saw a big Ox and her loyal wife Mama and they were so in love with eachother that even the newbies with tons of gold were passing by without being noticed.

I’m glad to be back, the air of this city is so inspiring and makes me be the old me again.


Love is in the air…

   Posted by: The_Hooligan

Today, 14 February, IT’S VALENTINES DAY!!!!!

Can you feel the love? It’s everywere I look in the streets of the Westlands, the doors have paper Hearts hang on them and everything looks so Pink and Red…

Feltash’s heart is warm and he felt like giving everyone some subscription days for all the players as a valentine gift (a big thanks for Tom).

And I can swear I saw Hunger running around with a bag filled with Hearts drawed with Crayons to give to the people he loves, or maybe eat them? Who knows…

But whatever, is this a Special day for everyone? Well, for the ones who have their valentines yes, and for those who don’t? PARTY TIME!!!! I bet the singles will have some fun tonight with all this single people around in the streets and pubs!

Even if we don’t celebrate Valentine’s day today here in Brazil (we celebrate on June), i’ve sent my Girlfriend  some flowas and chocolates and i’m sure she loved it xD

Did you messaged, visited or sent any gifts for your Valentine today? I can’t wait to leave the Office and give a BIG HUG AND A ROMANTIC KISS on my special girl.

Well, this is a short blog, but we can’t pass this special day without writting about it xD



The tale of jjohnson91 [586491]

   Posted by: The_Hooligan

Many have heard of him and his legacy, some are scared of saying his name in the streets and some can’t even hear it anymore…

It’s finally the time to tell the story of the biggest living legend that crossed the Westlands.

Some are scared to mention his name in public, some can’t hear it anymore and some villagers wait for his return…

THE TALE OF JJOHNSON91 *thunder sound*

The born of a legend…

It was a very calm day in the city that was interrupted by one of the heralds who announced the birth of a lil’ sacred kid. It was not long until all citizens of the small town of Hania heard of his born and the death of his mother, his only living relative.

As a kid, the lil’ J was a born leader, he used to tell other kids what to do and he had a special hate, CLANS. No one knows further info about this, all we know is that he used to think that groups only take from you, and they offers are never enough.

History being made…

As a young warrior, he finally arrived in the Westlands and was beaten by the local warriors. With mud in his face he swore revenge to all the ones who laughed at his plans and his present defeat.

He went to the local tavern looking for a mentor, the Old Wise Man who was in a dark corner offered him help by recruiting Johnson to his Clan.

As we know, his worst enemy are the clans (because they only take from you and blablabla). He refused the help from the Old Man and started his way to the hills alone.

Trained by the wolfs, who adopted him as a child, Johnson was ready to start his legacy in the kingdom who told he was a joke and made him leave. He grabed his sword, some wolf fur he used to protect himself from the winter and went in direction of the Westlands.

After some days in the road he finally arrived, took a big breath and yelled with all his might for the Warrior who made him eat mud.

The crowd started to gather around him and he drawed his sword and yelled once more.

Consecration as a legend

The  big guy finally arrived, he was strong as a hundred horses,  drawed his axe and attakced the poor J.

No one knows for sure what happened but as the attacked started jjohnson91 gathered all his power and will to merge into a wolf.  He jumped on the giant and took out his eyes with its talons and devoured them.

The people around were shocked. With his human form back he was unconscious on the floor and was cheered by a thousand different voices, he killed the strongest Demon that was tormenting the town that was possesing one of the strongest warriors of the village.

The end

When he was conscient again,  he woke up in the bed of a cleric’s hut, his arms were bleeding but everything was under control. He took all his stuff incluiding the eyes of the demon and left.

No one ever heard of him again, but his name is still in being said around the lands and his story is being told by the bards.

This post is dedicated to my friend RavenKnight [343285], one of the biggest fans of his legacy.


Marriage and dates…

   Posted by: The_Hooligan

Since the feature of being able to date and marry someone was added to the game, many people got enganged or broke up into their relationships, how they started? How they ended? Let’s try to understand it now.

Alot has been discussed regarding this “popular” feature into DARK WARRIORS, in my very first days i was just a noob exploring with my bronze sword when someone messaged me trying to convince me to be the priest of his marriage with his lady.

I was kinda nervous, i was a new player so i wanted to make it a big event to make myself popular into the game since the majority of the famous players were going to appear.

I was wearing my black tunic because the broom asked me to when I saw Devious Blue eating some of the wedding flowers, someone yelled: “Devious, they are not made of crayon!” She carefully placed the flowers in the bench and started to stare to the altar.

This was the funniest part of the event, the rest was just annoying and boring, it was a long wait for a fast ceremony.

Tired of being the priest i started to kill people in the wedding when i first met my first wife, Lady Joa, she was a pretty woman sitted in the floor watching his father marrying, we ended up marrying some days later and broke up since i didn’t really wanted to have a date or something.

After some months we saw alot of Drama, specially from the Royal Family of the Graywinds, i can’t count how many times they broke up and got back togheter and how many laughts i had reading their story, it was a really fun time watching all that stuff going on.

Recently we’ve seen the ONION and Shrooms broke up, which was a shock for everyone to see the most powerful couple breaking apart, i’m glad they are back togheter too.

We can’ t forget how many times people asked for Gay Marriage, maybe it was a secret wish for Patches to marry Nappy or Nate xD

So, what’s your opinion about the relationships in the game? :D


The future of the Westland… the children

   Posted by: The_Hooligan

All of the warriors around will someday retire from the battlefield and who will take their places to become kings and queens?

The children, but how to recognize them? They are the kind that mess around the village, they prank with the Ancient guys and then run away from the laughing.

Every day they peek through the crack of the door of the pubs and try to mimic their moves and snoots… They hear the tales of the brave citizen and travelers around the town and they fantasize they are one of them.

They make rustic wooden swords and clumsy shields to fight among eachother, inspiring themselves on the strong warriors that they watch to fight in the hills while they go to the academy.

They train day and night as hard as a dragon to achieve the highest honour a man can achieve, be a great warriors and be one of the nation Generals to lead the biggest armies against the enemies and protect the empire.

If you want to be the best, you gotta give it all from yourself, never give up and be a proud warrior, one day you’ll be one of the best and famous warrior.

As a trainer in the early days, i’ve seen many small and weak kids become some strong and powerful leaders, killers and queens. They studied hard and trained their mind to follow the patch of war, you must be fearless and wield your sword with proud, and some day you’ll swap the woden sword to a real steel one.

We, as the today warriors, must pass something to the new generations that are coming day after day, we must have patience with them and try to give the most for them of our wisdom and experience, only this way we may keep the flame burning into their hearts!



Are you thirsty?

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Why not stop by the Tavern to have a nice glass of beer?

Everytime a warrior pass by the center of the Village, they stop by in that old looking Tavern wandering what they will find inside.

You decide to come inside and since you are a new face everyone starts to stare at you while drinking some Beer and eating some fried chicken and you don’t know what to do or say as you enter in the dusty bar.

You decide to take one of the sits in front of the Barkeeper,  Edulahin is his name,  a friendly looking taverner that serves the best Beer around.

He’s one of the famous characters in the Village and he is known by the travelers for its tasteful drinks and good music that plays in his tavern by a group of local bards.

He tell’s you the legend of the mighty knights that already joined his Tavern and points to a big dragon head hanged in the wall, it was a gift of one of the most famous warriors that crossed his way.

You watch some drunk warriors dancing with the warriors ladies and others playing darts with their friends. There are also a couple of dark looking men in a dark corner and you decide to stop looking at them to avoid trouble.

As a newcomer to the site you’re a good observer and picks the best group to join,  you grab your dark Ale and joins the group of people dancing trying to make friends.

The day pass by and you didn’t notice, it’s already dark and now it’s time to find a place to sleep  without getting killed!!

The Local Tavern is the best place to go when you are bored, there’s no end for the fun inside it’s walls!

Hello World!

As my first post i would love to talk about one of my favorite aspects of the game, the battles,  specially the big and evil war occuring this month in the Westland! In my future posts, i’ll be talking about general things that everyone may enjoy :)

What happens when some great fortunes and prizes are offered to the winning clans?

Well,  it’s simple a big and epic fight for the top!

The world of Dark Warriors is the main stage of one of the biggest battles ever seen, some many brave knights and mages are facing the cold winter in the Westland.

The Army led by Lugia, the ‘FUN HOUSE’ is having a fierce war against ONION’S Army, The FARMERS. The two main characters of this battle were once one unbeatable clan, with some exceptions, clans didn’t even step up to put them a decent fight for the top spot of the month. But now they are two different clans, with their own rules, they own legends and the same desire to achieve a victory against the other.

This fight is finally happening, both Clans are giving their bests to slaughter the other, some flamming is also ocurring which is common, when both armies hate eachother and wanna win this whatever it costs. Time and effort are the two main things your clan must have if you want to win and both of this ‘beastly’ clans have, not counting the experience of the warriors involved that fought so many wars.

So many have fallen, but all the clans involved are not stopping, the beasts are relseased and this is probably going to be one of the highest Scores of all times (if not the highest), and the record of individual kills in a single month.

Some warriors are just watching the show from their villages and caves, they don’t want to get involved this time but they are not loosing the show.

Do you have what it takes to be the best? I’m sure you don’t want to loose all the fun!!!