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What I enjoy in DW

   Posted by: Black_Smoke    in Smoke's Fury

Hello, everyone, its me Black Smoke here to try out this blogging thing. I know a lot of you think I may not like the game, but here are some things that I do like. I hope you find it to be interesting.

Well first and foremost, I believe the most important factor is that the game is text based, that means no need for 3D graphics card. There is also no need to save your progress, it’s done automatically in milliseconds, this is great now it won’t waste space on my computer. Another great asset is the Community, you can make friends and enemies very fast. This could be good, but also bad, it all depends on what you are looking for.

You can achieve a lot in this game because you are competing with real people and people have weaknesses. For example: anxiety is a big one, this can lead to fast and false decisions that can benefit your character. One of my personal favorites is when newbies place stones in the markets at very low prices, I’m always surprised when I see that, it never gets old.

The game has a lot of things to keep you busy, being as active as I am helps me a lot. Excitement levels can also be very high, same as disappointment sometimes, but failures help you get better in the game, this even happens in real life.

The game is not limited to people versus people as some games are; NPC (non-player character) are included also. I’m glad that you can kill a NPC and don’t get any angry mails. From time to time competitions are held and you can earn big prizes, this is always a good thing. The game is being updated all the time and that keeps my interest at high levels. Finally, some updates that I don’t like actually prevents me from getting bored in the game.

I’ve shared some of my reasons why I like the game, what about you?



What’s your dirty little secret?

   Posted by: Red Moon    in RedMoons Rants

If my wife knows that I bought the Ice Pack she will freeze my ballsI have to leave now, my hubby is just arriving and if he catch me playing again he will kick my assI can’t wait for my spouse to leave the house with the kids so I can play in peace and enjoy… Are those lines familiar to you?. Have you ever heard a player saying things like that?. Well, I have heard that many times.

I have seen respectable people that hides at the bathroom with the laptop to play, pretending to feel sick of their stomachs; some others that get a new credit card to spend at the game without telling a word to their partners… I have even know about a guy that took a female character instead of a male’s one because “his wife is too jelous, and that’s the only way she allows him to play”, could you believe it?!!!.
After seeing all that I came to a conclusion that I want to share with you here: for some players, the game is a lover. It´s that dirty little secret that makes them happy. The forbidden exciting pleasure that they hide in the closet. The prohibited activity that makes them feel young again.

I always imagine those players making up excuses to get that free time to play… things likehoney, I’ve just received an important mail from work… please, don’t disturb me for a little while, I could be fired if I don’t finish that report asap(and there is when our guy runs to play poker, of course!).
I can even make a mental picture of the wife yelling at the guilty husband you were at Dark Warriors again! I smell the upper ven in your hair! And yesterday you were dreaming about it… I heard you repeating 175.000 kills…180.000 kills…190.000 kills all night long!.

Now I can’t avoid wondering… Why these players keep hidding the game to their partners? … Is it that they need to keep it at a “prohibited” path in their lives because they feel more excitement in that way, or are they just being greedy and doesn’t want to share the fun?.

Experience shows that entertainment activities with your better half could be an excellent idea. I think about Mama and Ox, husband and wife in real life that plays all the OGN games together and daily have a lot of fun with that. I also remember Begone and Sir Lee, fighting arm with arm at the ven; Devious and TheNiteMare, and so many other successful cases of real life couples improving their game experience by shearing the same hobby…

So my advice for those players that behave as if the game were their lover is this: relax, have fun, invite your better half to get into it… Make it a threesome!


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