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Free Text Based Game Review by – _Spiderman_

   Posted by: Tycho    in Tychos Corner

I have been playing this free text based game for more than 2 years now. There have been a lot of changes through out those years. Most of them are good and I am happy with it.

The thing I really like about the game is the combat. After working hard for the day, I like to log in and kill some players. It releases my stress and some what make me feel a bit powerful. Then I will look at my gold and feel good about it. Where else I can have millions of gold? Surely not in real life.

The part which can really annoy me is getting killed…lol. I know, its a PVP free text based game so it will happen eventually. Looking at the bright side of things, this aspect of game play pushes me to better the way I do things in the game and improve my game strategy.

Furthermore, who can deny the fact that we can meet players from almost all part of the world and with different age group as well. Making friendships with those remarkable players will constantly motivate me to play the game.

Here in Dark Warriors a free text based game, we can learn to help each other. Its the thing that I learned in real ife called ‘Esprit De Corps’. (referring to the morale of a group.)

The ever changing secrets which the game holds always rekindle my interest. It challenges me to further my experience within the game.


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