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Goodbye yellow coat

   Posted by: Red Moon    in RedMoons Rants

I finally stepped down from all my GH positions after a long time of being part of the Great Hall team at most OGN games. The main reason for it is that I need more time for me, to be more present and focused at real life, and the admin work is a lot of work and demands energy and time, so I asked Nate to release me from it. However, I will continue doing some background work at OGN Great Hall (and of course, I will continue playing poker and being a pain at the game as a regular player now!).
Being admin was a great experience that made me met amazing people, and I want to use this space to say thank you to all those that were there working with me shoulder by shoulder.

Nate: you have amazing leadership abilities, and you have been always there for us when we needed you. I’m sure that you will make a awesome career at real life, because you really have what is needed to do it. Thanks for your support. It have been a pleasure to work with you, and it will be always nice to keep working at your side.

Mama, Ox and Kvakaca: it have been really funny and exciting to work in team with you all, and to have such a great communication between us every day, not just to deal with cases and game related issues, but to have a laugh and talk about each others lives… that is something that we will continue doing because I appreciate you as real friends (that goes for you too Nate).

Tom: thanks for the trust and support. I hope I have been a little help for you during all this time.

To all the players that helped me many times mailing me about game related issues, informing me, and giving their opinion and points of view about things, thank you very much.
It was a pleasure to be at your service,


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