Christmas in March!

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Lots of love has been spread by the famous warrior Nostalgic [13] (aka GoneWithTheWind)!

Like DW’s very own santa clause, he has come out and let people have a choice of choosing an item of his, platinum, helix, sapphires, elements or an undead demon egg. Thanks to his generosity, many have gone home with lots of little knick nacks to play with and lots of delicious shiny stones to munch on. Even the poor orphan children have received better clothes to wear so they won’t freeze to death in the blistering cold and die every hour!

Thanks to this giveaway of his, people as strong as Ultra players and as weak as Non-Subscribers have gotten a chance to get a nice little present. The only requirement was to make a post, and if he liked it you would receive something. It could be anything like 1 platinum or 200m gold! Looking at the post, looks like everyone has been good little warriors.

With the help of his little elves, they have been able to make lots of kiddies happy. Even with so much given away already, he is still the richest and strongest player out there. Unfortunately, poor Nostalgic has taken a vacation due to the many kids who have sat on his lap asking for presents. All this present giving has tired him out, and he has now taken a little holiday and is travelling across the globe on his private jet.

On other giving away news, GiantHamstaMan gave a Dactyls Chaos Hammer to the winner of his competition and elements to those who gave a try. Another great thing to see. This year, many of given away things and donating back to the DW community, and these are just ordinary players who have spent their precious time logging in daily to check up and have fun with the whole community. Maybe you could give something away too!


Testimonial and Review by – Fury_RedMoon

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I’m a 36 years old lady that likes painting, reading, going out with friends, working out and dancing. I’m a travel agent and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I started playing Dark Warriors when I was going throw a very difficult personal and economical crisis in my life, and I suddenly went from having a lot of time out of the house to stay at home a bunch of hours.

Dark Warriors was the first Online Text Based Game that I joined. Until that moment, I wasn’t even a big internet fan. But one day, I clicked by chance on an advertisement on Facebook that took me to Dark Warriors, and I discovered a whole new world.

My first idea was that the game could help me to improve my english, because my original language is spanish, and my english was completely out of practice. So I first stayed at the game for that reason, but at the beginning I was too shy to go to chats or post at public forums. I felt that people could laugh about my terrible english.

Luckily I joined a very friendly clan, The Saints Empire, which helped me to make very good friends and to learn a little more about the game, and I got hooked by it. Later I felt confident enough to start talking to people at chats, and I became Game Helper. From there, it was a one way route that took me to the Admin position at most of OGN Games, and Head Admin at one of them.

I keep thinking that the best fact about Text RPG Games, is that they give you the opportunity to use your own imagination, that is one of the best and extraordinary tools that we have.

The other amazing thing about this Text MMORPG, is the Game Community, that is formed by people from all over the world, with different ages and economical and social levels. That big mix would be a big mess at real life… but somehow, there is a balance and a positive coexistence between people inside the game. I keep finding that inspiring and it makes me think that the world can be better.


What makes a good browser game

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You can analyze browser games by thousands of different factors to determine the good browser games from the bad. However there are some important things to consider before signing up for the latest and greatest browser game that everyone is playing. I am going to list some of the topics that I would rate a good browser game at and let you be the judge.

A good browser game has – Community
Don’t just go for the biggest game you can find, and don’t play a super popular game if you don’t like competition. The larger the community the harder it will be to get to the top. Apart from mass amounts of players is the quality of the players. Do you want to be around players your own age or do you prefer younger players? These are all very important things to consider.

A good browser game has – Staff/Developers
If you decide to be a paying player you will want to be able to contact a developer sooner then later to have your issue resolved. Even for reporting bugs and errors you want to make sure that there is enough staff to handle your issues. Among various other things if you are seeking a well moderated community, check into the rules and guides for what ‘goes’ and what doesn’t.

A good browser game has – Server and Programming Quality
Does the game run on quality servers? This is usually a good indication as to the knowledge and resources that a good browser game may have. If you are frustrated to the point where it takes a few seconds to load a page then you should consider moving on or talking to a developer about it. No game is fun to play if you have to wait 10 seconds between page loads!

A good browser game has – Gameplay
You can have a great game but without the above items in check even the best game play wouldn’t be any fun. A good browser game has a great mix of game playing styles that will appeal to everyone and not just the PVP players or the economy kings. You want to find a good browser game that has created a fun environment for all types of players and not just one aspect.

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Text Based RPG Game – Opinion of THE EEL

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I think the cool thing about playing a text based RPG game is that there are people from all over the world coming together and interacting. It is truly a global community.

There are people of all ages, I mean how often do teenagers hang out with people in their 40′s in real life, but here they do. Similar to real life where people have different personalities and lifstyles, in this text based RPG game Dark Warriors people have different activities they like more than others, some go hunting in the dark forest a lot while some play mostly PVP. You can even play chat quiz or hop into in local chat, some are on the water fishing and attacking in their ships. For myself I like building my outpost and mining. There is so much to do and so many people to meet.


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Text RPG Game review – Serbitar

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I have been playing Dark Warriors a text rpg game for almost two years now, I am not the richest or the strongest. Despite this I find myself drawn back to my computer every night I walk in from work, even getting out of bed earlier to log in which makes me miss my morning coffee. Which anyone can tell you is as serious for me as losing a limb.

So If I dont think of myself as the strongest or the richest in this text rpg game, what is it I keep returning for? The simple answer is the players, Staff and Developers of this game are by far the greatest group of people I have met on an online game. Other players are always around to enjoy a joke with, or even there to continue a good rivalry. Whether its Combat in Upper Ven, the battle ground of Dark Warriors, or having my Outpost invaded by the same guy every revive, my day would not be complete without it.

Uniquely this text rpg game offers a direct link to Staff and Developers through forums and chat, giving you a feeling that you are shaping the world around you, so join me in the local chat and we can have drink.



Text MMORPG Review – Duke_Graywind

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I have been playing this Text MMORPG called dark warriors for less than 1 year now. I know thats not long. There have been a lot of changes throughout the days since I began my journey. Most of the updates are good and if I am not happy with them I just say ‘ Just get on with it’.

The thing I really like about this text mmorpg is the NEW westland. As this game becomes more fun and better it makes the combat even more exciting.

The part which annoy me is when players can spend alot of money on this game (I spend a little)…lol. Looking at the bright side of things, I have made many friends on this text mmorpg which have helped me on my way.

To make things even better. I don’t know of any other game that lets you talk, play and learn from staff and the owners. Its good that they come into chat and are very active. Also I would like to thank the helpers,staff, game moderators,game developers and any others I have missed for creating a great text mmorpg which all ages can love and play together.

Here, we learn to help each other either mentoring or by sharing resources like gold.

This text mmorpg dark warriors is always changing and improving. I will stay here for a long while then leave when I get old.



Free Text Based Game Review by – _Spiderman_

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I have been playing this free text based game for more than 2 years now. There have been a lot of changes through out those years. Most of them are good and I am happy with it.

The thing I really like about the game is the combat. After working hard for the day, I like to log in and kill some players. It releases my stress and some what make me feel a bit powerful. Then I will look at my gold and feel good about it. Where else I can have millions of gold? Surely not in real life.

The part which can really annoy me is getting killed…lol. I know, its a PVP free text based game so it will happen eventually. Looking at the bright side of things, this aspect of game play pushes me to better the way I do things in the game and improve my game strategy.

Furthermore, who can deny the fact that we can meet players from almost all part of the world and with different age group as well. Making friendships with those remarkable players will constantly motivate me to play the game.

Here in Dark Warriors a free text based game, we can learn to help each other. Its the thing that I learned in real ife called ‘Esprit De Corps’. (referring to the morale of a group.)

The ever changing secrets which the game holds always rekindle my interest. It challenges me to further my experience within the game.


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Goodbye Dear Anathema

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A great day today, many things to do
A gift so sudden, a gift for you
its nothing special but hear what i say
that Funhouse enjoy your company every single day

remember to always eat your meals regularly
I’m sure u don’t want feel Dark~Warriors pain so suddenly
try to sleep early cause its better for u
and always be patient in whatever you do

i know you’re life is busy and i have no right to interfere
but I’m just reminding you As St.Vigeouse with full of sincere
that Funhouse always around when you need someone
to lend a ear when you’re feeling down

so keep on smiling and stay strong always
nothing suits you more than a smile on you’re face

Gd luck for your dreams and The Dark-Warriors Crystal Kingdom and St~Vigeouse wish u well
i hope this gift of mine becomes your “passing spell”
one thing to remember is never lose faith
in yourself and the life that your Friends at Funhouse gave.

2 Weeks ago I heard Anathema was leaving Dark Warriors soon. i mailed her myself and had a great talk. Then i saw her post. I also received a message from a Member of Funhouse To do a blog in Honor of you….Ill miss you too hun in chat lol……so I hope you liked it. You have touched many Hearts
Take care.


Online Text Based Game – Update Journal

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Unlike the boring updates you might get on another Online Text Based Game we have written a report of some of the latest updates we have made recently.

Online Text Based Game Update – Equipment Damage:
Some of your inventory items now take damage, Only items with a power higher than 10 can take damage. You can repair your items from your ‘Overview’ window. Damaged weapons will lose power in combat.

Online Text Based Game Update – New Westland:
After many years of the same Westland city page, we have released a whole new slew of updates with this one. The new Wesland Cup challenge can earn you some extra goodies for defending your city from attacking marauders.  You also can request your clan to purchase the title of land from each city, these titles will always change and offer every clan member benefits they normally would miss out on.

Online Text Based Game Update – Serf Costs:
Serf costings have been updated so they better reflect the economy.

Online Text Based Game Update – Demon Eggs:
This new update is pretty impressive. As you wander around westland you will find Demon Eggs, you are able to incubate and hatch these eggs. As a Demon follows you through your journey it will gain experience and boost your ability points. You are able to swap demons out for different boosts depending on your strategy you wish to play.

I know sometimes change can be difficult for some regarding an online text based game. And for those who would rather not have these updates I ask you to hang on and wait because we are always updating Dark Warriors! You never know what will happen next! We have found out that about 95% of our community loves and thrives on these changes and we are pleased to bring them to you.

Thanks for playing Dark Warriors,

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PigBird Industries Burelia Ore Plant Closes Its Doors

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PigBird Industries regretfully announces the closing of its offshore Karujus Migrant Worker Ore Production.  The global economic downturn finally caught up with our little family operation.  We just could not keep up with the rising cost of oil to run the drills and the outrageous amount of sapphires the workers demanded in compensation in this latest of a series of contract disputes between the workers and management (namely, ME!) .  I know, I know – Contrary to popular belief, I am no philanthropist; I got into ore production to fabricate an insane profit pit.  I did not sign up to produce 1,000,000 pieces of ore for the obscene price of 88 sapphires.

Instead, I have issued a general recall of all Burelia Ore sold by PigBird Industries, and pulled all product off the shelves of the Ore Market.  Persons affected by this and who have recently bought ore from me over the last 4 months and desire to return this latest batch of goods are instructed to bundle their ore back up in the burlap sack it came with along with their faded receipt, proof of purchase, model number, serial number, and come prepared with the secret handshake and all monies will be fully refunded for 10cents on the gold piece with no (other) questions asked (please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of cheque through Westland Postal Services).

PigBird Industries now turns its attention on new ventures that I am contractually obligated not allowed to divulge at this time.  Look for a new “WTF? What a rip-off deal that Pig-Guy is offering now!!!” opportunity at a market near you. 

I would like to take this time to personally thank all my supporters, suppliers, and customers that I have hounded, begged, manipulated, hood-winked, tricked, and swindled these last few years.  Without you, I could not be as rich as I am.

A special “Thank You” goes out to our beloved Feltash:  Thank you, dear Feltash,  for giving me back a full nights sleep.

[End of Press Release]